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 Geek Tech Branding is the leading source for custom printed tech-related promotional products featuring your logo to create memorable and lasting branding exposure.

We are a third-generation company that was founded in 1956 and has grown to become one of the largest providers of imprinted tech-oriented gifts in the country. 

Whether you are looking for imprinted tech gadgets for promotional giveaways or for corporate swag for your employee staff and new hire welcome kits, Geek Tech Branding offers over 850,000 unique tech-themed swag items, including: custom printed power banks and wireless phone chargers, branded flying drones, embroidered laptop backpacks and bags, charging cables, tech accessories, virtual reality goggles, WiFi plugs, Bluetooth speakers, imprinted wireless headphones and ear buds and other tech-driven promotional items that people will be excited to use and keep.


Don't trust your technology purchases to the same company that you order coffee mugs and pens from.  We specialize in knowing & understanding the latest in tech merchandise-including performance, sound quality, battery life, components, product reviews, trends and styles. We literally geek out on tech!


Last Minute Rush Orders?: We even offer over 75,000 promotional gift items that can ship in one day - with your custom logo.

Let us help you choose the right branded merch for your event or occasion.

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