Custom-Branded Audio Gifts: Speakers, Headphones and Earbuds

Promote your brand with high-performance, custom-printed headphones, earbuds and speakers. Geek Tech Branding offers a wide variety of branded audio gadgets to fit your needs, budget, time frame and marketing goals. Click on any of the links below to help you narrow down your selections, call or email us for more information, and scroll to the bottom of this page for helpful tips on choosing the right products.




Why should businesses and organizations turn to customized and branded audio items?   For years, this marketing strategy has helped spread awareness and boost business, as over 60% of people who receive swag will go on to look up the advertiser. The best customizable freebies are those that will actually be utilized, and in today’s tech-driven world, audio gifts are necessary from when we work to when we play.

The COVID-19 pandemic placed an even greater emphasis on logo earbuds, logo speakers and logo headphones. Now, more than ever, your customers, employees, clients and social media followers are joining calls remotely, and these technological devices help them do so with ease (all while being reminded of your brand).

While any piece of merch will gain you some points with shoppers, clients and fans, imprinted headphones, earbuds and speakers, in particular, are going to go far with people. According to Statista, 87% of people use headphones to listen to music, 49% use them to watch TV or movies, 36% to listen to the radio, 28% to listen to audiobooks and 25% for phone calls. As stated by Google, 72% of people with voice-activated speakers say they use them daily. So no matter your industry, job title, location, brand size or advertising goals, you have a target audience with a want and a need for audio gifts!

Another great thing about such a versatile, popular and customizable promo item is that it has so many uses. It can help show employee appreciation, as you gift logo audio devices. It can be given away online or at trade shows, since everyone will enjoy receiving a free pair of custom earbuds. It can get mailed directly to clients, who will find branded speakers useful and thoughtful. All of this and more shines a spotlight on your brand.


Tips to Consider When Buying Earbuds, Speakers and Headphones
There are hundreds of styles of audio devices, which can all be imprinted with your brand’s name and logo and then used in employee welcome kits, as giveaway prizes, to advertise at industry events, to show appreciation for clients, as incentives and beyond.
Types: Geek Tech Branding features headphones, speakers and earbuds that ship quickly, that are wireless, that cancel out other noises and that are waterproof.
Budget: Pricing on these tech accessories ranges from under $25 to as high as $150.
Imprint: Each of these promotional products can show off your brand, and the type of imprint that is used will depend on the item, design, color(s) and material. Be sure to discuss with us if you have any questions.
Cost per Impression (CPM): In today’s tech-driven world, we see earbuds at the gym and on our commutes. We have headphones in the office and at home. We use speakers everywhere from conference calls in the workplace to parties that bring together friends and family. Therefore, audio gifts that are customized around your company/organization will help spread awareness about your product(s)/service(s) — and for a fraction of the cost, when compared to other forms of advertising.