10 Ways To Build Up Your Coworkers

  • Nov 1, 2018

See a more productive office by strengthening bonds at work!


As a business professional, you put in long, hard hours, which means that you spend a great deal of time with your coworkers. Some people even see more of the people they work with than they do of their own family, and while this may sound surprising, it just means one thing: Bonds are needed at work.

There needs to be trust in a work setting. There needs to be support, as coworkers help each other through struggles in the office and, sometimes, struggles outside of the office. There needs to be a level of respect, which may even turn into a friendship!

All of this will lead to more productivity and a more effective working environment. Therefore, in order to keep your office running smoothly, build up your coworkers in the following 10 ways:

  1. Get to know them. First and foremost, you should get to know the people around you. In an office, people are spending lunch breaks together, traveling to conferences together and taking breaks at the water cooler together - so use that time wisely! Asking about their interests, families and lives will build camaraderie and show that you care.
  2. Appreciate them. Going further, you should show your appreciation. You may not have time to talk about TV shows you both like during lunch, and you may not feel comfortable asking about their home life when you pass them in the hall. However, you know what their job is at work, and when their hard work pays off for your company, let them know how much you appreciate that!
  3. Spread positivity. Overall, you should be spreading positivity in the office. By being friendly, providing assistance and encouraging those around you, you will be building up your coworkers - which is good for the business, as a whole.
  4. Shut down negativity. On the other hand, you should shut down negativity, as well. If you hear office gossip, put an end to it. If you hear two coworkers bickering, find a way to help settle the situation. If there is a defeated feeling in the office, try to brighten a day or two.
  5. Volunteer together. Another great way to build each other up is to volunteer together. Surveys have found that over 90% of people find that volunteering improves their overall mood, and 64% of employees said volunteering with their coworkers strengthened work relationships.
  6. Hang out together. If that goes well, maybe you and your coworker(s) can hang out together, too; sometimes, instant connections are formed, and having a friend around makes any situation better - including work!

  7. Know your boundaries. Speaking of hanging out, remember to know your limits. Don’t try to force a friendship or pry. Instead, try a few of these different methods until you find which approach works best with which coworkers.

  8. Celebrate them. You and your coworkers definitely have at least one thing in common: You work at the same place, so when the company does well, you guys are doing well. Therefore, remember to celebrate your coworkers. According to Globoforce, 74 percent of employees who have never celebrated accomplishments with coworkers say they are more likely to leave their jobs. So buy a cake on their work anniversary, plan a party for their birthday, and congratulate them when they close a big deal/make a big sale.

  9. Buy branded gifts for them. Similarly, gifts are always a good idea! From a hot chocolate + mug gift set during the holiday season to an office supply or tech product on their birthday, consider building up those around you through a present or two.

  10. Work with them. The best way to show your coworkers you care may simply be to work with them...to work WELL with them. Bad days will happen, and stressful times will hit the office, but through it all, you should put forth effort, support your team and show respect to everyone at your company.


What tips do you have for building up your coworkers? Share them in the comments below!

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