20 Proven Trade Show Ideas for Marketing and Promotions

  • Apr 24, 2014

20 Ideas To Help You Get the Greatest Return on Your Trade Show Marketing Budget

tarde show promotional ideas

Austin, TX: Trade Shows–Gotta Love ‘Em… so they say. Right?!?!

Not only have I exhibited at well over 180 different trade shows in the past 30 years .. but I have helped thousands of companies with their own trade show promotions, in that same time period, so I have learned a lot of tips and tricks along the way.

I had done a Slideshare presentation on Pre-Trade Show Marketing Ideas a few months back – and now I wanted to create a Slideshare specifically on choosing the right promotional products for your trade show – and how to distribute them.

Here is a link to : 20 Proven Trade Show Promotional Product Ideas. I hope you enjoy it.

If there is one take-away from these trade show ideas that is most important, I think it is the fact that not all show attendees carry the same weight or value to your company.

Reward those that can deliver on future value or sale.

Reward those that have worked with you in the past

Reward those than can help you get more businesses.

And try to quickly qualify the browsers from the potential customers.

Do this quickly and effortlessly to get the highest ROI.

Do this poorly and you will waste a fantastic opportunity to market to those that can offer you the greatest potential value.

Trade shows still carry a tremendous value –even in this social-media, interconnected and busy business climate.

Marketing correctly to this target audience can help separate your organization form the hundreds of others on the trade show floor.

I hope you enjoy these trade show ideas. Please let me know your feedback and comments.

Happy Promoting!

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