5 Things To Bring To SXSW (That Can All Be Customized)

  • Mar 10, 2022

These are the must-have items for SXSW, whether you are an attending individual or an exhibiting brand.


logo power bankEach year in March, people gather in Austin, Texas for South by Southwest. Founded in 1987, SXSW offers sessions, showcases, and screenings that focus on tech, film, music, education, and culture. The event also allows brands to get in some professional development, networking, and marketing, as they can engage with the over 415,000 attendees


There are some essential items that will need to be gathered up before going to South by. Individuals who are heading off to ATX and companies/organizations looking to increase awareness and business should use the checklist below. The listed items are fun and functional and can be customized with specific colors and logos.


Whether they are carried around and worn at the festival or handed out at the conference, they are sure to come in handy and act as walking billboards. 


  1. Rain Or Shine: The weather in Austin is a bit unpredictable, and in March, it could be warm and sunny or cool and rainy. Therefore, you will want to pack an umbrella or poncho, just in case there is any precipitation, as well as some sunscreen and/or a hat, in order to block the rays.
  2. Battery Power: A conference/festival like SXSW calls for long and busy days. And on these long and busy days, guests will be using their phones as maps, to take photos, when checking notifications, for finding places to eat, and more. Therefore, a power bank is a must-have item…corporate umbrellaespecially one imprinted with a logo.
  3. Hydration: With all of the informative and entertaining happenings, it can be hard to remember to slow down and stay hydrated. This is vital, though, especially in Texas. Water bottles can be carried in bags, worn on straps, or even collapsed down, allowing everyone to refill them throughout the day.
  4. Fight Germs: Cleanliness is something to keep in mind at big events, especially after the pandemic. In 2020 and 2021, in-person South by events were canceled, and when returning, attendees should regularly use hand sanitizer. Furthermore, this is definitely something participating brands should consider passing out as swag.
  5. Carry It All: Finally, those who come to Austin during this time may want to wear fanny packs. They are back in style, they provide a hands-free way to hold belongings, and they can be designed to show off specific businesses/associations. 

collapsing water bottle swagThese products can help enhance a South by Southwest experience, but the main thing is that people soak it all up. There is so much to experience, and it all is “helping creative people achieve their goals.” 


If your main goal is to spread the word about your brand at SXSW, turn to Geek Tech Branding for even more custom-printed gifts and gadgets. 


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