5 Tips for Improving Your New Employee Welcome Package

  • Jul 31, 2018


Setting up a successful onboarding process is good for you and great for new hires!



Welcoming new team members into your office is crucial, and onboarding is not just up to HR professionals; all existing workers within businesses need to come together to help new hires feel welcomed, comfortable and prepared.


And speaking of being prepared...New people in the office are not the only ones under pressure. Your company needs to make sure it is making a good first impression and successfully showing off all of its positive traits.


The best way to do this is to have a welcome package ready to go. This kit will be filled with resources that all new hires need, as well as some fun little trinkets that will assist in making people feel like part of the family.



Lost about what to include in a new employee welcome package? Here is what we suggest:


  1. Introductory Information: There will be tons of information that needs to be relayed to new employees, so include all of this in each welcome package. Some examples of needed items include:

    a. Forms (everything from a copy of their contract and a direct deposit slip to a breakdown of their benefits

    b. Company handbook (with contact info, emergency procedures and expectations)

    c. Communication (details on how to best communicate in the office and who to talk to for what, as well as a mentor, since every new hire should be partnered up with a seasoned vet in the office)

  2. Office Supplies: No matter your industry, your workers will need pens, notebooks and other tools for different tasks. Here are some great ones from Geek Tech Branding:

    a. Padfolios/Journals

    b. Pens/Styluses

    c. Laptop Sleeves/Bags/Cases

    d. Mice

  3. Clothing Items: If your office has a dress code, you can include a uniform in this kit. If not, you may want to throw in a branded t-shirt or a cap with your company logo on it, so that your new employee can show off their new place of work!

  4. Custom Items: Another great thing to keep in mind is customization; you can have your new employees’ names printed on water bottles, earbuds, power banks and other handy gadgets. By personalizing your welcome kit, you will really shine!

  5. Extra Goodies: The four items listed above seem necessary in any welcome package, but if you want to go over and beyond, you can also include reading materials (such as a book by your founder or a general business guide), snacks, a coffee shop gift card - anything that shows how much you already appreciate your new hires.


A new day at a new job is important - for everyone involved! - and you need to make sure you are shining and helping your new hires to shine, too. Putting together a welcome package can take a little bit of thought, energy and time, but it will be well worth it in the end. Therefore, we encourage you to properly equip your employees and to let your company culture shine through these fun and useful kits!

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