Best Swag For Company Trade Shows

  • Jul 24, 2018

Show Off Your Brand With Promotional Products


No matter your industry, there are regular trade shows happening within your field, and we highly encourage you to attend these exhibitions! You can set up a booth to promote your brand, mix & mingle with other business leaders and get up to date on the latest industry trends.


Whatever your goal is at trade shows (since marketing events can be used for lead generation, community building, customer relations and more), we also suggest you bringing along some swag; these events were practically made for handing out products that show off your logo, tagline and/or contact information, in order to increase your brand’s visibility and overall success.


One of the biggest trends in trade shows right now is virtual reality, and even if your company does not focus on VR, you can still get in on it! Virtual reality headsets allow fun for all ages, and you can easily imprint your company name on these fun gadgets.


Another option for swag is something playful - like cards, travel games and puzzle cubes. These items, once again, can sport your brand and can offer trade show attendees some entertainment while they are commuting or waiting in line.

At trade shows, professionals are carrying their phones and computers from home to hotels to conference centers...and that is where you come in, with wireless phone charging pads. These keep devices charged and ready to go - all without the hassle of a tangled mess or unplugging cords.


Pocket wallets will help you stand out in the crowd, too, and will get you some brownie points! These handy inventions easily stick to the back of phones, helping on-the-go professionals keep track of credit cards, hotel keys, IDs and all the numerous business cards they will pick up while at these trade shows.


Along the same lines, we encourage you to hand out backpacks at trade shows or to offer up a few as raffle prizes, if you have a booth set up. As mentioned, everyone else will be handing out marketing materials and promotional products; what better way to get ahead in the game than by having everyone else’s swag in YOUR bags!


Professionals attend trade shows to collect leads, build up their brands, hire new employees and more, but the main reason people attend is to see new products. Therefore, we encourage you to get out there, to introduce your latest & greatest work to people and to turn to Geek Tech Branding for all your customized swag!  


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