Do You Really Know Why You Are Exhibiting At Your Largest Trade Shows?

  • Jan 26, 2016

Do You Have Clearly Defined Reasons for Exhibiting at Your Major Trade Shows and Conventions?

Austin, Texas: We work daily with clients that are looking for cool promotional swag for their up-coming trade shows.

Some have really clearly defined ideas and goals for their shows. They have done pre-show marketing and have targeted specific clients that they will be targeting during this trade show extravaganza.

Others are just hoping enough “qualified” and “warm” leads to just walk into their booth — without taking any pre-show marketing steps.

Most of these folks are disappointed with the trade show results…and rightfully so.  After all, how can you gauge the measure of a trade show without having a clearly defined goal ahead of time?

Before exhibiting at another trade show, take some time and ask yourself: What are the top 3 reasons you are exhibiting at a specific trade show – and what steps do you need to do ahead of time to reach those goals?

Too many companies exhibit at trade shows without setting up goals and objectives.  Some exhibit at trade shows just because they’ve done so for decades without re-thinking if that strategy is still sound.

Perhaps a different trade show has come along that better suits your new goals and strategies?  You won’t know if you don’t spend time ahead of time targeting your audience.

Is your booth size still correct? Maybe you need a larger booth or different configuration at the show.  Maybe a corner booth would do better than an inline booth. Maybe your booth size is perfect.  But  have you thought about it lately?

Who are the Top 15 clients or prospects that you are looking to speak to or to demonstrate to?  Have you invited them to your booth? Do you have appointment times with them?

Do all of your trade show personnel understand your goals and objectives? Are they trained properly on expectations? Do they know who you have pre-invited and how to handle them as they come into your booth? Do you have sufficient staff at peak hours?

How are you marking and taking notes on prospects’ questions and concerns for follow-up?   Do you have a paper pad that you can attach their business cards to with room to write down notes?  Are you doing the same thing–only digitally?  Or are you planning to remember everything that happened at the show–or jot some illegible notes on the back of a prospects cards–regardless of whether the handwriting adheres to the cards?

Trade shows can offer fantastic returns on your marketing investment if done properly.  You have a chance to “press the flesh” with clients and prospects and meet with other industry professionals.

With a little more pre-planning, you can maximize the success of your trade show dollars – and reach a higher level of sales.
Happy Promoting!

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