Donald Trump Needs to Re-Learn Marketing 101: Your Brand Must Stay on Message

  • Apr 1, 2016

Donald Trump the Brand vs. Donald Trump the Candidate: Only One Brand Stays on Message

Austin, Texas: As I watch the Donald Trump presidential campaign go through cycles of gaffes, mis-statements, clarifications and blustering, I wonder in amazement how a person that has been so dedicated to branding over the past 30 years can get things so wrong.


Trump real estate has always marketed itself as a prestigious, high quality brand that deserves premium pricing.  It was perceived as “best of the best” and its panache carried the brand to markets across the country and the globe very well over the past few decades. The name “Trump” on a building commanded a higher price per square foot that a similar one one block over.


On the other hand, Donald Trump the candidate seems off-message nearly every day.
He is pro-choice and also pro-life.
Pro-women and also anti-woman.
His viewpoint can vary day by day or interview by interview, as the latest Chris Matthews interview on his views on abortion can attest.


Donald Trump may or may not get a chance to reshape his message and articulate one point of view–while trying to sell it to the American people. It will be a very tough battle now that the brand is muddied and has very high negatives.


Your brand is all of your actions that shape perceptions of your company, your products and your mission.


Regular brands often do not get a second chance to shape minds.


Once a brand loses its focus,it is nearly impossible to regain.


What does your brand stand for?


Can you explain it in under 10 words?


Do you live and breathe that brand – or does it change every few cycles or years?


Is your marketing consistent with your brand?


Do your customers and prospects clearly understand your brand?


Does all of your social media match your brand?


Do all of your employees (bottom up) understand your brand?


Get your branding right consistently because nothing ruins a company faster than being off-brand.


Is your branding on message?

Happy Promoting!
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