For Restaurants, It is Time for Gift With Purchase to Jump Start Take Out and Delivery Orders

  • Mar 31, 2020

It is time to take immediate action to save your restaurants during the Coronavirus Recession

I have worked with restaurants and QSR's for over 35 years-- and I know that they are struggling during this coronavirus pandemic.  What were once full restaurants with a wait list has not trickled into take out or delivery orders at a fraction of your past typical numbers.


While exhibiting at the National Restaurant Shows and several Pizza conventions over the years, I also know that most restaurateurs are not too promotion-oriented.  However, now is your make-or-break time to do something to spur immediate sales-- or there may not be time to hope that customers come back in droves as soon as this pandemic ends--whenever that may be.


I am strongly suggesting that you immediately implement a GIFT WITH PURCHASE program for delivery and pickup/take-out orders--over a certain dollar value.  Maybe even with a family pack.

Do not give a monetary discount--cash discounts are quickly forgotten and may only encourage clients to associate your restaurant as a price cutter --both during this virus --and afterwards.  Discounts are tough to wean clients from down the road and do not register too much. Plus, discounts will not be remembered at all.


Instead, offer a nice gift with purchase--which are usually done for a short period of time -- AND they allow you to charge full pricing.


Choose a quality gift that has a high perceived value--this is not the time to skimp. 


As you can see from the image below, tons of businesses of all types use gift with purchase to spur immediate sales and with purchase--visit


Some of the most popular gifts I suggest--would be something that would be used again and again and one that gets a large number of impressions.


Some of the most trendy items I suggest are:

-stainless tumblers

-cooler bags

-power banks




All of these items cost under $10 or less-- and will allow many other people to see your message--and serve as a remembrance once quarantines are lifted and people feel safe visiting their favorite restaurants again.


Do not go with something lame like a free magnet, pen or a free coloring book- and insult your customer base. This will not spur customers to act.


It is time to take charge and offer a cool branded gift with your logo-- for a purchase.   


Will it cost you money at the beginning?  Yes.


Will it help to keep your phones ringing and your kitchen busy?  Yes.


Help ride out this unfortunate time with something that can keep you afloat --until this coronavirus pandemic has ended--and customers feel comfortable coming back in to your restaurant.


Go big or go home.


Be creative.


Let us know if we can help with any ideas to fit your specific promotional needs.


Happy promoting!


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