Holiday Gifts for Clients: Don't Forget About Package Weight and Size

  • Nov 20, 2014

When Considering Holiday Gifts for Your Customers, Don’t Neglect Hidden Shipping Costs

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Austin, TX : We are in the middle of another huge Holiday gift season and as businesses plan their Holiday gifts for their top customers, it is imperative to think about shipping costs.

UPS and FedEx have switched to a dimensional weight cost structure, so even a bulky but lightweight gift that needs to go inside a large box may get slapped with dimensional weight–meaning UPS or FedEx will bill you for a higher “dimensional weight” – based on the box size.

Here is a link to an article from UPS on determining dimensional weight.

Bottom line, if you will be handing out gifts to your customers or employees- dimensional weight is not much of a factor.

But if you will be shipping the Holiday gifts to your customers or employees individually, smaller items, such as promotional power chargers and imprinted Bluetooth speakers are small and compact–and can make up for the costs in reduced shipping charges.

Think compact.

Think about smaller shipping boxes.

Smaller can be better.

Bottom line, by choosing the right Holiday gifts for your customers, you can make them smile–while saving your money on hidden freight charges at the same time.

Happy Holiday Gifting!

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