How to Choose the Right Promotional Power Charger for Your Next Trade Show

  • May 28, 2014

Which Promotional Power Charger is Right For Your Next Trade Show Give-Away?

choosing the right promotional power charger

Austin, Texas: Promotional Power Chargers and Power Sticks are one of the leading trade show items over the past few years.

But with so many to choose from, which promotional power charger is the right one for you to give away at trade shows?

I am a big believer in the A-B-C Rule: Give the “A” gifts to your top customers and prospects at trade shows. Give “B-level” gifts to those prospects that have solid potential. Give a “C” gift to the general public.

Not all trade show prospects have the same potential value to you, so why give the same promotional gifts to all?

For your top prospects, I’d go with a promotional power charger with 6000 mAh or more. This will allow them to charge a iPad or several smaller devices at one time. These start at about $60+, but will be used again and again.

Ah (Ampere hour) is a capacity rating that measures how much current a battery will discharge over a specified period of time (usually measured in a 20 hour period).

Higher mAh ratings determine how long a current can be drawn– basically the amount of energy the battery can store.

To get even more value from these promotional power chargers, I suggest pre-charging them so they are ready to go-– as many of your clients and top prospects will have used up much of their charge on their devices by the time they have reached your booth.

For the “B” clients, I’d d with a solid 2200 mAh promotional power charger in the $10-$15 range. These hold the longest charge and will have the most re-charge capacity..meaning they can be re-charged over and over again longer tan the less expensive ones–so your clients and prospects will have your logo in their hands for a longer period of time.

For the “C” customers, I’d go with a promotional car USB charger instead of a promotional power charger–so you are able to stretch your budget further.

Don’t try to make your budget go further by ordering cheap power chargers that will only recharge 20-30 times when you can give better gifts to fewer clients that can re-charge 50-200 times– and still give a quality gift to the “C-level” trade show visitors.

All promotional power chargers are not made the same – and neither are all trade show attendees.

Go with the ones that can yield the greatest return for the money.

Happy Promoting!


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