Marketing Idea: Rubik's Cubes As Tradeshow Giveaways

  • Jan 5, 2023

Everyone likes playing with a Rubik’s Cube, making it the perfect way to draw potential customers to your tradeshow booth.


promo Rubik's CubeA Rubik's Cube is a classic and iconic toy that people of all ages enjoy. Therefore, it can serve as an advertising tool when handed out at a tradeshow. These promotional products are small, portable, and easy to distribute, making them convenient for event swag. Additionally, Rubik's Cubes can serve as a conversation starter, can draw attention to your booth, and can add in an engaging element of fun.


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By giving out Rubik's Cubes with your company's logo or branding on them, you can promote your business, make a lasting impression on potential customers, and stand out at industry events.


The full-size, standard Rubik's® Cube with its original colors is a great option, as people recognize it right away and can’t help but want to try wooden Rubik's Cubeand figure it out. However, there are several other versions that can aid in promoting your brand.


There’s a miniature Rubik’s Cube that is just as challenging as the original…if not more so.


There’s a classic puzzle cube that can also sharpen problem-solving skills and provide some stress relief. To take that idea even further, there’s a Rubik’s Cube stress ball, which anyone would be pleased to have.


There are even wooden puzzle cubes for a more elevated and eco-friendly option. 



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