Pantone Colors To Use On Promo Items Right Now

  • Mar 13, 2020

According to the Pantone Color Institute’s Fashion Color Trend Report for Spring & Summer 2020, the colors listed out down below are the in-style and trendy ones to use right now. 


When it comes to picking out new shirts for employees to wear, swag to give away at events, marketing materials to hand out and promo items to use as incentives, keep these shades and tones in mind. Furthermore, remember that Geek Tech Branding offers an array of products, which can all be customized to match these colors, follow your brand guidelines, show off your logo and more!


PANTONE 18-1662 Flame Scarlet is all about confidence and determination. 

PANTONE 14-1064 Saffron adds a flavorful brilliance.

PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue is as vast and infinite as the sky.

PANTONE 15-5718 Biscay Green is cool and refreshing.

Pantone Color Institute’s Fashion Color Trend Report

PANTONE 19-0323 Chive feels harmonious.

PANTONE 17-4021 Faded Denim conveys comfort and ease. 

PANTONE 16-1359 Orange Peel adds in some tang. 

PANTONE 18-4528 Mosaic Blue is a graceful color.

pantone spring/summer 2020

PANTONE 13-0822 Sunlight is synonymous with happiness and cheer. 

PANTONE 14-1318 Coral Pink is warm and welcoming. 

PANTONE 18-1345 Cinnamon Stick is earthy and warm.

PANTONE 18-3513 Grape Compote is mysterious and mellow.

pantone color swatches

There are also classics to consider: 

PANTONE 16-1324 Lark is an understated and versatile khaki. 

PANTONE 19-3923 Navy Blazer is stylish and self-assured. 

PANTONE 11-4001 Brilliant White is clean and crisp.

PANTONE 16-3802 Ash is timeless.

classic pantone colors


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