Popping Bubble Products Are The New Fidget Toys Of The Year

  • Apr 27, 2021

These items are reusable, washable and customizable and offer a thrilling way to de-stress! 


bubble wrap stress relief giftIn 2017, fidget spinners and cubes were the top-selling toys, and The Economist reported that it took just three weeks for the trend to go global. Now, products with bubble shapes that can be popped are all the rage. 


These are sensory tools made of silicone and that offer a wonderful sound and feeling when pressed, which helped them rise in popularity via YouTube and Tik Tok. Once all the “bubbles” have been popped, the toy can be flipped over, and the stress-relieving process can be repeated.


These fidget products are reusable, washable and exciting (available in a range of colors and shapes). They can be customized with your pop bubble stress toybrand’s name and logo, acting as a super fun form of advertising. And they are the perfect thing for employees, kids, customers and beyond to have during this stressful time. 


A survey found that just over one minute of popping Bubble Wrap® provides stress relief equivalent to a 33-minute massage. With the pandemic and with life in general, everyone could use some extra ideas on reducing anxiety and getting in more entertainment. Shop for popping fidget toys now!



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