Predictions: The Hospitality Industry's Foreseeable Future

  • Jul 1, 2020

With COVID-19 still remaining an issue for us all, what can those in the trade show and hospitality industries expect in the future?


It will be some time before the trade show and hospitality industries are back up and running, and once events do start happening, they will likely look very different than before.


What changes can we expect? How can we start preparing now? What products will be the must-have ones? And how can we stay safe and well during it all? Keep reading for these answers and more!


Intimate / Outdoor Gatherings

Due to all the safety restrictions and rules that have been put in place with the novel coronavirus, it is hard to imagine a function like SXSW taking place anytime soon. Gatherings of certain amounts of people are still not even allowed right now in many places. 


In the future, though, people can probably expect to see more intimate events and more outdoor venues. This will not only keep everyone spaced out, but it would also lead to more one-on-one conversations between brands & potential customers, peers, competitors, organizations & their fans and so on.


Safety Checks 

Speaking of rules and health guidelines… There may be more in place at trade shows and similar functions, especially at first; from the amount of attendees who are allowed to mandatory temperature checks, this will cut down on the total number of guests, slow down entry and take some getting used to overall. However, it is better safe than sorry, as giving people peace of mind is of the utmost importance!



Each and every industry event requires and brings about innovation, and going forward, prepare to see even more creativity. For instance, party planners and venues will have the above topics to think about, as they set up, send out invites and then execute day-to-day actions. 


Brands who are setting out to spread awareness and increase business will also have to get creative, when it comes to safely and effectively reaching audiences. Some initial and general ideas include:


  1. Utilizing an online presence over an in-person one. (Pro Tip: Host a social media giveaway rather than having people come to your booth to enter a raffle.)
  2. Showing off and spreading good hygiene habits. (Pro Tip: The perfect piece of swag, for now and beyond, is mini bottles of hand sanitizer, with your logo on them!)
  3. Being ready for anything. (Running a business comes with curve balls and bumps in the road, and that has been exceptionally true lately, with COVID-19. As the world slowly tries to recover and reopen, remember to be flexible, patient and adaptable… something that will be tough but that will make you even stronger in the end.)

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