Promotional Products 101: Proof, Double Check, Then Look It Over One More Time

  • Jun 25, 2014

Who is your Second and Third Set of Eyes When Proofing Your Promotional Products?


Really?!?!? This player looks a lot like President Obama!

Austin, Texas: We all are wearing multiple hats these days around the office – and that leaves very little time to proof-read and double check your work.

This holds true for your advertising material, your emails, your proposals and even your promotional products.

Here is a story from England of a set of coffee mugs featuring a set of commemorative World Cup coffee mugs–one for each team member.

Unfortunately, the printer used a picture of President Barack Obama instead of Chris Smalling– and nobody noticed the error and they ran 2,000 sets of mugs with no time to re-print..

Who is to blame?


Now I do not know who did this order for promotional mugs in England, but for all our orders, we send out a virtual proof for approval and we have two people proof read and double check on our end.

That is three sets of eyes.

Are you too busy to do things the right way?

I hope not.

Double and Triple check your work.

Check for typos.

Check for omissions.

Then double check.

Your image and reputation is at risk.

Take the time to do things correctly — or don’t do them at all.

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