The Importance Of Onboarding + Onboarding Kit Essentials

  • Sep 7, 2022

Attract and retain the best employees by utilizing a successful recruiting strategy.


branded headphonesEvery new employee must go through certain processes and fill out the required paperwork, but the onboarding experience should go deeper than this. According to the latest statistics, brands with effective hiring strategies increase retention by 82%, improve productivity by 70%, and see an increase in revenue. 


When done correctly, onboarding can also:

-create a positive first impression, getting new hires excited about their new roles

-lead to recruits feel connected, needed, inspired, and appreciated

-be a competitive advantage, helping brands stand out in the crowd

-save money, as turnovers lead to companies/organizations spending $30.5 billion each year 


While the experience for new hires will look different for every workplace – depending on the size, location, budget, and industry – there is one aspect that all brands should include: an onboarding kit. This bundle will come with the tools needed to get a job done (such as an employee handbook, a laptop, a badge, and office supplies), as well as lots of branded goodies (like a logo coffee mug, a corporate T-shirt, and an imprinted phone charger). 


To attract and retain new hires, consider including the following custom-printed gear in onboarding kits.


First, as mentioned, it’s good to include custom clothes. These can be worn in the office, to industry events, on video calls, and in everyday life, corporate caphelping to spread brand awareness. Some good options are jackets and polos, as well as accessories like caps and socks.   


Then, there are office essentials that can lead to productivity and success, whether a staff member is working in the office, on the go, or remotely. Many of these items can also be used in daily life, once again acting as an advertisement for brands.


Headphones, including those that fold, connect via Bluetooth, and have noise-canceling capabilities, are a must. Many people listen to music or like to block out sound when working, but these are also good for business calls, workouts, and commutes on public transportation.


An idea can strike at any moment, so notepads and writing instruments belong in onboarding kits, too.


logo cupDrinkware, as referenced earlier, is a favorite promotional product, and there are so many choices. An insulated tumbler can keep coffee warm in the morning and water cool during the day. A reusable water bottle can go from home to work to the gym. A tumbler is great for after work, as an employee winds down with a cocktail. There are even sets that come with multiple glasses and other items like cocktail shakers and reusable straws.


And all of these gifts can be stored in a backpack, another go-to piece of promotional gear. Additionally, there are gift sets that are already put together, ready to be sent out, handed out, or mailed out.


See more custom-printed employee welcome kit products here, or contact Geek Tech Branding for custom welcome kits based on specific needs, budgets, and time frames.