The Modern-Day Trade Show: 3 Tips For Success

  • Jul 12, 2022

The trade show industry has changed, so your involvement and plan of action must, too!


Industries are growing, changing, and evolving all the time, and that includes the world of trade shows. After not having in-person interactions during the pandemic, industry events returned in a whole new way. All the while, our tech-driven lives have become more engaged and connected each day, which also influences industry meetings. 


Today, those who are involved in conferences, expos, and conventions need to take it all to the next level with these three tips, inspired by event director Matt Bradley, who told Exhibition News that he wanted to “rip up convention.” 



Before an event rolls around, it must be marketed to its target audience, in order to make people aware of it and increase the chances of people attending. This can be done with direct mailing, social media posts, commercials, billboards, newsletters, and beyond. 


Bradley said that, after returning to post-pandemic industry events, he and his team created a promotional video that was like “a summer blockbuster movie.” It was fresh and exciting, it got people’s attention, and it made the idea of returning to in-person meetings even more exciting. 


Follow his lead, and think outside the box when advertising your trade show, products, services, and brand. 



Bradley, in particular, talked of a festival with 6,850 attendees, 200 vendors, and over 90 speakers. It also included big names like Ella Mills of the food blog Deliciously Ella and rapper Tinie Tempah.


It is normal to have speakers and exhibitors that are known within an industry, but think about pulling in other influencers and stars. For instance, just because there is a tech-focused expo doesn’t mean a pop star can’t show up to perform or that an Instagrammer known for DIY projects can’t be there with workshops.


“I wouldn’t be surprised to see A-list celebrities appearing in other trade shows in the next few years,” Bradley stated.    



A trade show has been advertised. It’s been announced that some well-known names will be there. And on day one, it needs to live up to the hype and then some. 


In Bradley’s example, he shared that there were discussions on relevant topics like NFTs. There were live music performances and flash mobs creating an ambiance and providing entertainment. There was a champagne bar, which was something new and different from the regular old thing. 


Perhaps, at your launch party, you have aerial dancers. Maybe your trade show booth includes a step-by-step demonstration that allows guests to walk away with a sample of your product. It could be that a festival you put on is full of candy bars, raffle prizes, backyard games, and/or petting zoos. 


There really is no limit. There are countless ways to show off your brand and boost exposure. And in this modern world, you must do it in the biggest and best way possible, in order to stand out from the crowd, catch the eyes of your audience, and succeed in this growing, changing, and evolving world. 


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