The Value of Promotional Products

  • Jan 2, 2018

What is the Real Value of a Promotional Product?

Austin, Texas: People love to get promotional products.  After all, they are fun. They are reused. They get your  logo seen over and over again.

They give you a very low cost per impression. They create value.  They make people feel good about your brand.

After all, what other form of advertising will get the recipient to thank you for giving it to them?  No other!

I have included a few graphics that show the value of a promotional product.

value of promotional products

According to a 2017 PPAI study, 90% of the recipients of a promotional product can recall the branding, 80% recall the messaging and 70% can recall the "call to action".  Those are some pretty amazing facts.

Another chart from that same study shows that promotional products are ranked number one most effective form of advertising to prompt action--across ALL generations.

value of promotional products- part 2


However, the fun and cool factor of the right promotional products goes way beyond boring facts and figures. 

Who likes promotional products and is willing to do some crazy begging, jumping, pleading and shoving to get one?

Everyone--including Paul McCartney--who is shown here at a Nets basketball game jumping and pleading to catch a promotional T-shirt--to no avail. Look at how unhappy is genuinely is for not catching the T-shirt.

Do your AdWords and Facebook ads create enthusiasm like this?

Do your print ads have this effect?

Choose the right promotional products and people will fell good about your brand.  You can encourage or reward them for taking a survey, use it as a gift with purchase, promote it to encourage add on sales, trade show giveaways, wellness rewards, employee gifts, etc.

Let us help you maximize the effectiveness of your advertising and marketing spend by choosing the right gifts for your target audience and your budget.

Happy marketing!