What is The Most Popular Promotional Products for Trade Shows?

  • Sep 22, 2014

Should You Choose the Most Popular Promotional Products for Your Trade Show Give Aways?

Austin, Texas: “What is the Most Popular Promotional Products for Trade Shows?”, is one of the most frequently questions we get asked each day.

My answers are usually three-fold:

1) Why do they want to offer the same gift that everybody else will be handing out?

2) What are you trying to accomplish with this promotional products give-away?

3) Who is your target audience?

Handing out a popular promotional item that people want is great. You get a long line of people at your trade show booth and you can try to quickly qualify them from there.

However, making your promotional products stand out by being just a little bit different–yet still trendy–can make your promotional products and your booth really stand out.

For example, people love iWallets-the little silicone wallets that stick to the backs of iPhones and smartphones. However, a promotional iWallet with a built in stand costs about the same–but is more useful and desirable.

Same holds true for promotional power chargers. You can hand out a typical rectangular or cylindrical power charger or, with a little more time, you can hand out a custom shaped 3D power charger that will be the talk of the show.

Promotional earbuds have been very popular over the past few years. But earbuds coupled with a branded music download card will go even further.

Another example is the promotional tote bag. Instead of being one of 20 booths handing out trade show tote bags, hand out promotional iPad sleeves that will get much more traction and use.

Popularity just for the sake of being another me-too vendor will not help your trade show booth stand out.

Have fun. Hand out promotional tech toys and hold contests at your booth for maximum attention and visibility.

Hand out the inexpensive promotional items to everyone–but hold drawings for higher end items–like promotional computer backpacks that will be valued and will also promote your brand.

Know your audience and be a little bit different and your trade show promotional items can be the talk of the show

Happy Promoting!

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