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Custom-Printed Phone & Tech Accessories

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Tips to Consider When Purchasing Tech Accessories

All of these gadgets can all be imprinted with your brand’s name and logo and then used in employee welcome kits, as giveaway prizes, to advertise at industry events, to show appreciation for clients, as incentives and beyond.

Types: Geek Tech Branding features tools to help keep devices charged up, powered and ready to use, such as charging cables, wireless chargers and USB wall chargers. We provide a variety of ways to enhance cell phones like stick-on wallets, Pop Sockets, fans and selfie lights. There are promo products that are created with vehicles and traveling in mind, and some examples include car phone mounts and travel adapters. We also keep fun in mind, with items like drones and VR glasses, as well as safety in mind, with items like webcam covers.

Imprint: Each of these promotional products can show off your brand, and the type of imprint that is used will depend on the item, design, color(s) and material. Be sure to discuss with us if you have any questions.

Cost per Impression (CPM): These tech accessories are necessary for life at home, in the office and beyond. Therefore, the ones that are customized around your company/organization will help spread awareness about your product(s)/service(s) — and for a fraction of the cost, when compared to other forms of advertising.


Geek Tech Branding offers over 200,000 styles of custom-printed phone and tech accessories to fit your budget, time frame and branding needs. These appeal to an array of fans, customers, followers and clients, and they can show off a logo at a trade show, in an employee welcome kit, on a holiday gift and beyond.

While all promo items can help boost a brand, the most successful ones are actually usable, presenting a solution to a problem and appealing to the masses.

To say this is a tech-driven world would be an understatement: According to the Pew Research Center, 97% of Americans own a cellphone, about three-quarters own a desktop or laptop computer, and around half own a tablet. Furthermore, Deloitte found that the average U.S. household has 11 connected devices, including seven different smart screens.

With all this connectivity, there is a huge need for accessories; people are always losing or breaking chargers and earbuds, and one can never own too many…especially when the gadget is a high-quality, custom-printed one! Furthermore, many out there are working from home and prefer remote work, meaning there is an even bigger demand for technology gifts.

These can put employee appreciation on display, as companies give out logo phone wallets. These are great for giveaways, since everyone would like to win a free imprinted fitness watch. They are wise options when it comes to direct mailing clients, and a suggestion includes branded smart plugs. It is a good idea to utilize custom-printed gadgets and devices at trade shows, too, such as webcam covers and selfie lights with logos.

The possibilities are endless and effective, as businesses and organizations can stand out with thoughtful and useful swag that helps spread the word about their product(s) and service(s).  Click on any of the links above to learn more.