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Tips to Consider When Buying Custom-Printed Backpacks

There are many styles of customize backpacks, which can all be imprinted with your brand’s name and logo and then used in employee welcome kits, as giveaway prizes, to advertise at trade shows, to display appreciation for clients, as incentives and beyond.

Types: Geek Tech Branding offers over 1,000 backpack styles-including laptop backpacks,  water-resistant backpacks, recycled backpacks, cooler bags, hydration packs, clear backpacks and more.

Budget: Pricing on these branded bags and branded backpacks ranges from under $25 to just over $100.

Imprint: Each of these promotional products can show off your brand, and the type of imprint that is used will depend on the item, design, color(s) and material. Be sure to discuss with us if you have any questions.

Cost per Impression (CPM): Backpacks are not just for students: They are seen at work, in the gym, on vacation and beyond. Therefore, promo gifts like these, that are customized around your company/organization and that serve as a useful and thoughtful piece of swag, will help spread awareness about your brand — and for a fraction of the cost, when compared to other forms of advertising.