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Employee Welcome Kits Are Ideal For Onboarding and Branding


Welcome Back Your Employees with Custom Branded Merch That Will Motivate and Inspire -- and also to Boost Employee Morale.  These promotional gifts are also perfect for New Employee Onboarding Kits.  You can select individual gifts, put together a selection or order a kit.  Let us know how we can custom create a Welcome Kit just for your specific needs, budget and time frame.  We can even drop ship these gifts to employees' home addresses for you.

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According to statistics, 50% of hourly workers leave new jobs within the first 4 months, so it is not difficult to understand why more and more companies are starting to invest in ways to help with the onboarding of employees.

Here are some proven branded gift ideas that can help make your new employee welcome kits simple and fun—while generating goodwill. You can buy any of these items as stand-alone items at each link – or contact us about kitting them together for you to help with distribution.

Looking for something that is not shown here?  Let us know and our team of branded product experts can help you select the right gifts for your budget and needs – and to best fit your audience. We stay on top of the latest industry and fashion trends so we welcome the opportunity of being of service to you.

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