Welcome Your Employees with Quick Ship Branded Onboarding Merch

Welcome Employees Back


First impressions matter.


Branded gifts for onboarding? More than simply swag, they're a warm welcome, a subtle brand whisper and an icebreaker for new connections.

They equip, spark conversations and leave a lasting memory of belonging.


A thoughtful gift says "welcome, we're glad you're here." It shows new hires their presence is valued, even before they set foot at the office. This simple gesture can spark positive emotions and create a welcoming atmosphere, setting the tone for a positive relationship.


Branded gifts serve as tangible reminders of a company's commitment to their employees. When new hires use a company-branded item months or even years later, it evokes positive memories of their onboarding experience, solidifying their loyalty and connection to the brand.


Skip the generic, invest in your people, and watch your onboarding story flourish.