10 Creative Ways To Spread The News Of Your Brand

  • Jul 10, 2018

Always Be Ready To Grow Your Business & Advertise Your Company!


“Contagious products and ideas are like forest fires. They can’t happen without hundreds, if not thousands, of regular Joes and Janes passing the product or message along.”


This quote from Jonah Berger, a marketing professor at Wharton, sums up what marketing and advertising are all about. No matter your industry, your product, your size or your location, you want your brand to reach as many people as possible. In order to make your business known, you must think about what makes a great brand, what gets people excited and what creative ideas can help you stand out in the crowd. Creative ideas such as...


  1. Rewards & Incentives: Encourage consumers to turn to you by giving rewards back after purchases of your product or by offering incentives that make your services seem even more appealing.

  2. Shareable Content: Whether you start a YouTube series, publish guests posts on industry websites, start your own blog or get interviewed on a podcast, you want to make sure you are churning out content that is relevant to like-minded professionals - content that will be shared, read, saved and appreciated!

  3. Influencers & Collaborations: Another great way to spread the news of your brand is to turn to influencers and other companies. If you have a beauty product, find a beauty blogger with a big following, send him/her your product to be reviewed, and get yourself in front of many more eyes, instantly. If you offer a creative service, team up with similar companies in your area in order to give away a packaged prize (such as a free hour of business consulting from a strategist, a free logo from a designer and a free marketing plan from an ad agency).

  4. Online Presence: Everyone is online, and your business must be, too, especially since more than half of marketers who have been using social media for at least two years report it has helped them improve sales. Make sure your social media accounts are consistent, with the same messaging, hours, colors and logos on them, and post to them regularly.

  5. Online Ads: Through your social media platforms, you can also run advertisements that reach your target demographics. Most shoppers (81 percent, actually) conduct online research before making big purchases, and most consumers who are searching online (72 percent of them) then visit stores that are located within five miles of them. Use keywords and targeted locations to get in front of the people who want/need your product/service.

  6. Pitch Yourself: Has your company reached a milestone? Does your work have to do with a topic that is currently trending in the news? Are you a thought leader in your space? Then pitch yourself to relevant publications and reporters!

  7. Events & Volunteering: An easy way to get in front of a bigger crowd is to attend events and volunteer time. You can go to local networking events or even speak at a national conference, and you and your employees can also do charity work to give back to your community.

  8. Marketing Materials: You never know when a good marketing moment could come about, so always be prepared; carry info sheets, business cards and swag with you to hand out to those who may be interested in learning more about or using your company.

  9. Guerilla Marketing: One of the most basic forms of marketing is guerilla marketing. These unconventional methods are affordable and eye-catching, such as creating a mural that shows off your brand or using a flash mob to advertise your brand.

  10. Just Talk: Last but not least, we encourage you to just talk about your brand! Hopefully, you love what you do, and you want other people to be excited about it, too - especially if you have a life-changing product or a needed service. While you’re at the dentist office, riding the subway, in line at the grocery store or at a neighborhood barbecue, be ready to spread the news of your brand.


Remember: “Hundreds, if not thousands, of regular Joes and Janes” are needed to pass along a message. Use these 10 creative ideas to reach Joes, Janes and beyond, all in order to advertise your business and build up your company!

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