Show Off Your School Pride With These Eight Products

Feb 19

Those in the education space can use imprinted items to recruit new students, promote causes, show teacher appreciation and more!   Schools, universities and other educational organizations are...

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Best Promotional Ideas For Recruitment at College Fairs

Dec 15, 2014

Tips for Choosing the RIght Promotional Products for Your College Fair Event   Austin, Texas: Colleges and universities usually exhibit at college fairs to try too woo new students.   ...

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What is Wrong With College Recruiting Promotions..and How to Fix It

Oct 25, 2012

Is Your School Making These Same Errors in Promoting Your Campus Recruiting Efforts? Austin, Texas: In the past four months my son and I have toured five college campuses and met with a few other col...

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New Study Shows Importance of Digital Rewards

Aug 01, 2012

Have You Considered Digital Rewards or Downloadable Incentives Yet? Austin, Texas: Digital rewards are to marketing and sales what S&H Green Stamps were in the 60s and 70s. A new study was just ...

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Easy Fixes for Poor Campus Admission Letters

Jul 10, 2012

Austin, Texas:  My son, who is starting his senior year in high school just tossed out a stack of over 80 campus admission form letters last night– each trying to entice him to consider goi...

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6 Steps for Better High School Campus Recruiting Programs

Oct 19, 2011

Austin, Texas: We work with a number of universities and colleges to help them improve their college recruitment efforts, so I spend a great deal of time doing market research in this field. Now, as...

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Tips for Better Recruiting at College Fairs

Jun 06, 2011

It’s a Young Person’s World-Give Them What They Want I have visited over a dozen campus recruiting events for my children–and I find it funny how a $80,00-$120,000 four-year investm...

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