Create Brand Awareness & Boost Business With Custom-Printed Tech Accessories

Sep 16

These imprinted technology gifts are a great way to keep your company name top of mind!   In today’s tech-driven world, a top way brands can spread awareness and boost business is with pr...

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Branded Tech Gifts Under $15

Aug 04

Inspire employees and draw in clients and fans with custom-printed tech accessories, such as Bluetooth speakers and portable phone chargers!   Branded gifts serve as a wise way to unite teams a...

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Custom Shoes & Socks

Jun 12

Promote your brand, organization, team or cause with custom-printed footwear!   Promotional products are a win-win option: Fans and followers, customers and clients get freebies that are though...

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Popular Print Methods For Promo Products

Jun 02

There are a variety of printing processes, which can be used to create the perfect promotional gifts for your brand!   Turning to promotional products is one of the best decisions a brand can m...

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Totally Customizable Clothing Items

Mar 23

Make your brand’s logo, colors and designs stand out with fully-custom apparel!   Promotional products are one of the most popular and successful forms of marketing; everyone loves freebi...

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Branded Gifts: Foods & Snacks

Feb 05

These promotional options are great for employee gifts, client referrals and advertising campaigns.   Branded items exist so that companies and organizations can spread awareness about their pr...

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Promotional Tech Accessories: Top Search Terms

Jan 13

Promotional products can build up brand awareness and drive traffic to a business’ trade show booth, store, event or website.    When these promo items are of high quality, they will...

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PPAI Stats: The Promo Product Industry

Dec 21, 2019

This 2019 Consumer Study from PPAI Research shows some powerful stats on the promotional products industry!  

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10 Promotional Gift Ideas For Tech Brands...That Aren't Tech Products

Dec 09, 2019

There are a variety of ways in which a business can advertise, and one of the most effective options is promotional products. Those in the technology industry specifically can turn to fun and useful i...

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10 Promotional Tech Gifts Under $10

Oct 02, 2019

Promote your brand with these tech items that are under $10!   Did you know…   9 in 10 people who receive a promo item can recall the branding.  8 in 10 people who receive o...

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The Value Of Custom Branded Swag In Building And Maintaining Your Core Audience

Feb 22, 2019

Just as Vans is celebrating Led Zeppelin with limited-edition pieces, you, too, can promote your brand with promotional swag that will be talked about and worn for years!   To celebrate the 50...

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Shine The Light On Your Brand With These 10 Promotional Products

Dec 11, 2018

  Light-up swag items can help you stand out from competitors!   Promotional products are a great way to bring awareness to your brand, and you can shed light on your product(s)/service(s...

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5 Promotional Products To Help Market Your Brand In A Technological World

Nov 27, 2018

With today’s connected environment, brands can turn to Geek Tech Branding for timely and tech-focused promo items! For those who are not familiar, the Internet of Things is the interconnection ...

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10 Promotional Swag Items That Millennials Will Want & Use

Aug 07, 2018

Market To Teens & Young Adults Through Tech-Related Promotional Products Millennials - born between 1980 and the early 2000s - have been described as open-minded, self-expressive and receptive ...

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Social Media Giveaways: How Giving Away Swag Can Lead To More Business For You

Jul 17, 2018

Tips On Launching A Successful Giveaway   Social media is always evolving, and since 88 percent of businesses use social platforms for marketing, brands must work harder than ever to stand ou...

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The Value of Promotional Products

Jan 02, 2018

What is the Real Value of a Promotional Product? Austin, Texas: People love to get promotional products.  After all, they are fun. They are reused. They get your  logo seen over and over ag...

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Six Important Things to Know About Power Banks

Nov 02, 2016

Little Known and Useful Facts About Custom Power Banks As reliance on mobile devices such as smartphones continues to increase, so does the need for convenient power sources. Power banks have stepped...

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Don't Buy Trinkets and Trash - Be Sure to Buy Only Branding Solutions

Jan 05, 2016

Trinkets and Trash are Not a Wise Branding Strategy Austin, Texas: I got a call today from a company asking for “trinkets and trash” for their up-coming trade show. I asked him why ...

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How to Add Creative Flair to Your Promotional Products

Feb 26, 2015

Are You Creating Custom Promotional Products or Just Using Off-the-Shelf Swag? Austin, Texas: Promotional products have gotten much more creative over the past few years– with all types of cust...

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Proven Custom Packaging Ideas to Make Your Promotional Gifts Stand Out?

Feb 09, 2015

Think Custom Packaging to Make Your Corporate Gifts Stand Out Austin, TX Question: When is a promotional item not just another promotional item? Answer: When it becomes a gift worthy of being...

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Should You Choose Quality or Quantity When Ordering Promotional Products?

Dec 03, 2014

Choosing Quality vs. Quantity When It Comes to Promotional Products Austin, Texas: With over 500,000 different promotional products to choose from, narrowing your selection can be a bit intimidatin...

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Why You Should Care About the Safety of Your Promotional Power Chargers

Oct 14, 2014

Promotional Power Chargers and Safety: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You Austin, Texas: We sell hundreds of different models of promotional power chargers and power banks for giveaways at trade ...

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Quality vs Quantity For Your Next Promotional Products Order

Jul 23, 2014

How to Determine Whether to Choose Quality or Quantity for Your Next Promotional Products Purchase Austin, Texas: One of the biggest dilemmas many people have when choosing promotional products for...

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Terms and Conditions

Jul 19, 2014

Terms and Conditions     As a 3rd generation family business that started in 1956, our goal is to continue to make ordering our promotional items as simple as possible â&ac...

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Your Choice of Promotional Products Reflects on Your Company and Brand

Jun 17, 2014

Choosing the Wrong Promotional Product Can Negatively Affect Your Brand and Image Austin, Texas: How important are the promotional products that you choose to give away? Well, here are two quick e...

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