Virtually Welcome New Employees With Video Brochures

Sep 01

Video brochures allow brands to creatively and safely add members to their teams, making new additions feel welcomed.    To create a sense of camaraderie, provide necessary tools/informati...

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Employee Recognition Is Vital In 2020

Aug 11

Employers need to show acknowledgment and appreciation, especially in the middle of a pandemic.    The coronavirus pandemic has brought about many negative effects, especially in the workp...

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7 Best Power Banks For Boosting Employee Morale

Jul 29

Thank those on your team and keep them around by gifting them with branded gadgets!   Every job has necessary tools and skills that are needed to complete certain tasks and meet requirements. I...

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Onboarding Kits: Why To Use Them & What To Include

May 26

Pretty packages, full of necessary resources and thoughtful gifts, are the perfect way to welcome new employees to your team!   When a new hire joins the team, there is some prep work that must...

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An In-Depth Look At Employee Engagement

May 15

Read to learn why this is important and how it can be achieved.   As an analytics and advisory company, Gallup tracks employee engagement, something that was started in 2000. Based on their fin...

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Work-From-Home Incentives

Apr 28

Encourage and thank employees with custom gifts sent to their homes   It can be hard to stay focused and productive while working from home, especially if it is during a pandemic and a stay-at-...

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4 Gift Ideas For Administrative Professionals Day

Mar 24

Brands couldn’t run without these people, so consider gifting them with any or all of the promo products on this list!   Administrative Professionals Day will fall on April 22 this year, ...

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5 Tools For Remote Work

Mar 20

Now, more than ever, employees need support, as they work from home and continue to strive for excellence.   Remote work. Freelancers. Working from home. Entrepreneurship. This is a growing are...

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How To Create The Best Onboarding Kit

Aug 01, 2019

On day one, new employees need to feel welcomed and ready. By utilizing an onboarding kit, employers can make sure that new hires feel like they are ready to get started and like they are part of the ...

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Building Morale In The Workplace

May 20, 2019

  mo·rale - the confidence, enthusiasm and discipline of a person or group   As stated, morale has to do with confidence, enthusiasm and discipline - three things that are key in ...

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5 Tips for Improving Your New Employee Welcome Package

Jul 31, 2018

  Setting up a successful onboarding process is good for you and great for new hires!     Welcoming new team members into your office is crucial, and onboarding is not just up to ...

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Why Rewarding Your Employees Will More Than Pay Off For Your Company

May 30, 2018

The Hidden Benefits of Employee Incentive Rewards   Most professionals are aware of the fact that bosses sometimes incentivize their teams with rewards based on performance, efficiency, hours c...

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Choosing the Right Gifts for Your Employee New Hire program

Aug 07, 2017

6 Tips on Choosing the Best Products for Your New Employee On-Boarding or Welcome Kits Austin, TX: Employee New Hire or Welcome Kits have been increasing over the past few years..and rightfully so. &...

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5 Tips to Choosing the Right Employee Recruitment Gifts

Aug 10, 2015

How Much Thought Are You Putting into Your Selection of Employee Recruitment Gifts? Austin, Texas: We get dozens of calls each week asking about employee recruitment gifts so I thought it would be&nb...

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Is Poor Customer Service Costing You Sales?

Nov 06, 2012

Tips to Improve Your Company’s Customer Service Austin, Texas: How hard is it to get customer service right? I mean “really” right. Too many companies judge the performance of the...

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3 Steps to Improving Customer Service at Restaurants

Jun 09, 2011

At most restaurants, the term “customer service” is often talked about at management meetings—but never clearly defined. As customers continue to eat out less often, while also more...

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Proven Ideas to Increase Car Wash Sales and Improve Loyalty

May 24, 2011

Most c-store car wash programs are similar … Buy 5 Car Washes and Get the 6th One Free. Or…. Save $1 on a Car Wash With a Fill-up. These programs are plentiful because they are simple ...

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