The Crossbody Bag: Your Brand's Versatile Secret Weapon

May 08

Looking for a promotional gift that's both stylish and functional? Look no further than the customizable crossbody bag! At Geek Tech Branding, we offer over 50 unique styles to choose from, ensurin...

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Ditch the Disposable Swag: Why Tech Accessory Cases Are the Ultimate Brand Ambassadors

Feb 21

In the age of overflowing swag bins and forgotten tchotchkes, savvy companies are looking for gifts that resonate and go beyond fleeting trends. Enter the humble tech accessory case, a practical ye...

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Top Quick-Ship Tumblers for Last-Minute Employee and Customer Events

Feb 06

In the vast ocean of promotional products, custom-printed retail branded drinkware emerges as a champion. Not only are they practical and appreciated by recipients, but they're also powerful brandi...

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Fall In Love With Tech Gear: Branded Merch For Autumn

Oct 13, 2023

A new season means a new opportunity to spread brand awareness and boost business. There’s no better way to do that than with custom-printed gear…and bonus points if it’s tech-re...

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10 Ways To Promote Your Brand With Custom-Printed Tech Accessories

Sep 12, 2023

Get in front of your target audience with branded tech accessories! From social media and press mentions to trade shows and print ads, there are endless opportunities out there, when it comes t...

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MagSafe: The Cutting Edge of Phone Chargers

Aug 16, 2023

MagSafe is a new wireless charging technology developed by Apple. It was first introduced with the iPhone 12 lineup in 2020. These chargers use magnets to align and attach to the back of your iPhon...

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Branded Backpacks: Low-Cost Walking Billboards

Jun 06, 2023

The visibility, exposure, and association that can come with custom-printed backpacks makes these affordable bags a wise promotional product. Backpacks are a go-to accessory, carried by those o...

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The History & Popularity of Type-C Cables for Phones & Laptops

May 30, 2023

Type-C USB cables connect to a wide variety of devices and charge gadgets quickly and easily, making them perfect promotional products. USB Type-C is a fairly new connector designed to replace...

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How & Why To Market With Logo Charging Cables

May 23, 2023

All of the people who need to keep their gadgets charged up…They can become potential customers and fans, after receiving chargers from you that are customized with your brand’s name a...

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Fight Off Juice Jacking With Custom Power Banks

May 15, 2023

To keep devices safe from hackers, only use your own personal, portable charger! We’ve all experienced it: Our phones or other devices are dying, so we plug them in at airports or coffee ...

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Cool & Convenient Tech Merch: The MagSafe for iPhones

Apr 06, 2023

Apple’s cellphones have a true audience, and your brand can target them with logo-printed MagSafe wireless chargers. The exclusivity of Apple products makes them more enticing. So if your...

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Give The Gift Of Privacy With Branded Webcam Covers

Dec 12, 2022

Webcam covers promote digital privacy and can be imprinted to promote brands, too. Research has found that webcam attacks happen every 39 seconds, affecting one in three Americans annually. Whe...

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Popping Bubble Products Are The New Fidget Toys Of The Year

Apr 27, 2021

These items are reusable, washable and customizable and offer a thrilling way to de-stress! In 2017, fidget spinners and cubes were the top-selling toys, and The Economist reported that it too...

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Technology Trends In A Pandemic & Beyond

Nov 05, 2020

Certain gadgets have become even more popular than usual, and brands can use them to stay safer and to promote themselves. We live in a world full of technological advancements, and due to the...

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7 Best Backpacks For Back-To-Work Promotions

Jun 01, 2020

Ease back into the workplace with these branded backpacks! Promotional products are an amazing way to attract fans, appeal to customers, incentivize employees and thank clients. They are also a...

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Why To Order Branded Tech Products Now

May 13, 2020

Four keys to success are the focus at Geek Tech Branding, as we deliver high-quality and custom-designed promo products to an array of clients. Geek Tech Branding is a third-generation family-...

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Why Your Brand Should Consider Printed Masks

Apr 29, 2020

Offering these items up to the public provides benefits for you, for them and, most importantly, for the world. Masks have gone from practical tools and fashion accessories to necessary items t...

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4 Video Conference Tips

Apr 24, 2020

Working from home can come with its unique challenges, but you can maintain professionalism during digital calls and meetings with these tips! From staff meetings on Zoom to family dinners on S...

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The Work-At-Home Gadgets Everyone Needs

Apr 16, 2020

Your employees, customers and fans are at home right now, so equip them with the tech devices they need! Before the novel coronavirus pandemic, many people worked remotely, but right now, it is...

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6 Ways To Advertise With Rubber Ducks

Apr 06, 2020

These fun and festive items are great for welcoming employees, raising funds, promoting campaigns, incentivizing customers, thanking clients and more! As we have mentioned before, rubber ducks are...

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4 Tools To Stop Juice Jacking

Apr 02, 2020

These data blockers are simple to use, great solutions to this problem and forms of advertising, as they can be branded with logos! Juice jacking is when malware is installed or sensitive data ...

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3 Cybersecurity Tools Your Brand Needs

Mar 17, 2020

According to research, the average total cost of a data breach is $3.92 million, and the average size of one includes over 25,000 records. Therefore, businesses of all styles and sizes must tak...

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The Most Impressionable Promo Product

Jan 28, 2020

Show off your brand with promotional backpacks like these eight from Geek Tech Branding! There are a variety of items out there that can be imprinted with a brand’s name and logo. However...

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Branded Swag For The Music-Lover

Oct 22, 2019

Music-lovers have helped to create a multi-billion-dollar industry; from production and to concerts, streaming and album sales, this is a world that has been providing entertainment since the begin...

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More People Opting For Smart Technology

Jun 25, 2019

Gadgets like these give us more control, can lower our utility costs and can lead to more fun! New research shows that more people will be turning to smart devices in their homes. Already, many...

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Marketing Your Brand With Rubber Ducks

Mar 22, 2019

Rubber ducks may be associated with kiddie songs and childhood playtime, but these little guys are a great marketing tool! These bright yellow products are a symbol of happiness. Imagine handed...

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Hotels Selling Branded Clothing & Getting Noticed Around The World

Dec 20, 2018

Draw in crowds by selling imprinted fashion in your hotel! Shopping in a hotel? It may sound strange, but by selling high-end and top-quality branded clothing, companies can get their logos/nam...

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