5 Steps to a Successful Gift With Purchase Promotion

Feb 09, 2022

The Power of Gift With Purchase for Retail Brands Austin, Texas: We have worked with dozens of retail brands on their gift with purchase promotions. They are effective because they work in a var...

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Hotels Selling Branded Clothing & Getting Noticed Around The World

Dec 20, 2018

Draw in crowds by selling imprinted fashion in your hotel! Shopping in a hotel? It may sound strange, but by selling high-end and top-quality branded clothing, companies can get their logos/nam...

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New Study Finds Free Gift with Purchase Drives Increase in Customer Retention & Sales

Nov 15, 2012

New Study Supports Our Findings: Gift With Purchase Best Way To Increase Loyalty & Retention Utilizing a free gift with purchase can increase loyalty and sales, according to a new survey. Au...

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Using On-Pack Promotions to Increase Retail Sales

Nov 05, 2012

How Can On-Pack Promotions Increase Retail Sales? Austin, Texas: Many of our consumer product manufacturers ask us for inexpensive ideas to increase retail sales for them and create some buzz. On...

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How to Stop Showrooming and Increase Retail Sales

Oct 29, 2012

There are Ways to Slow Down the Negative Impact of Showrooming on Your Retail Business Austin, Texas: Unfortunately, showrooming is here to stay. According to Wikipedia, Showrooming is when a cus...

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Can Your Logo Design Be Costing You Sales?

Aug 13, 2012

New Survey Says 41% of Americans Don’t Trust Companies with Logos They Don’t Like Austin, Texas: I came across this recent survey that shows that consumers place a great value on the l...

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5 Tips to End Showrooming At Your Store

Aug 09, 2012

Ideas to Prevent Showrooming at Your Store Austin, Texas: Showrooming is a way of life for retailers these days. Customers can easily scan any bar code at your store and comparison check on a sma...

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New Ways to Add Much Needed Revenue to Your Retail Store

Dec 16, 2011

What Are You Doing To Seek Out New Profit Centers? Austin, Texas: I recently read an article detailing how grocers are adding sit down restaurants in their supermarkets as a way of adding revenue ...

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Value vs. Price: Ideas to Help Out-Innovate Your Competition Without Cutting Prices

Oct 25, 2011

Austin, Texas: The media has been reporting that many major retailers, like Wal-Mart, Staples and Bed Bath and Beyond are offering lowest-price guarantees this fall in hopes of stimulating immediat...

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Gaining Customer Loyalty

Aug 16, 2011

Austin, Texas: While on vacation last week, our family spent a few days in Seattle before embarking on an Alaskan cruise. While sight-seeing downtown, we stood in a long “line” at a fi...

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Lessons to Learn From the Borders Bankruptcy

Jul 22, 2011

Austin, Texas: I read with great sadness about the closing of the Borders book chain as they liquidate their stores due to bankruptcy. I used to love spending time shopping the latest mystery novel...

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Recent Study Sheds New Light on Quick Service Restaurant Industry

Jul 05, 2011

A new study from Consumer Reports sheds some new light on customer perceptions of the quick serve restaurant industry. The magazine issued its first-ever quick-service food chain ratings, which in...

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3 Ways to Get Your Customers to Pay Full Price For Your Products - and Never Have to Resort to Discounting

Jun 28, 2011

Are You Accidentally Encouraging Your Customers To Shop Around Before Buying? According to recent study from PriceGrabber.com, more consumers than ever are waiting for the last minute to get bette...

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