10 Custom Gifts For National Intern Day

  • Jul 1, 2022

Custom-printed gifts for interns are a great way to show your appreciation!


Each year, National Intern Day is celebrated on July 28, as a way to build up and support these aspiring individuals. Some companies and organizations may take their interns out for a meal, while others may give them a day off or a bonus. 


A thoughtful way to spend the day is by giving out custom gifts, such as the following.


Power Banks

These gadgets keep personal and professional devices charged up and ready to go.


Laptop Sleeves

Laptops and tablets can be carried and stored safely and stylishly.



Whether you’re listening to a podcast on your morning commute, jamming to favorite tunes while working, or taking a business call, wireless earbuds are a must.



Help keep interns organized and scheduled with high-quality planners. 


Car Phone Mounts

More safety can be promoted in today’s tech-driven world, when brands give out imprinted car mounts. 


Massage Guns

Times are tough, so give the gift that helps melt the stress away!




Reusable drinkware is a wise way to go, as it can be used for a morning coffee or for hydrating water.


Bluetooth Speakers

A wireless speaker is something that can be used at work, on the go, at home, and beyond.


Phone Wallets

Phone wallets are trending, since they can hold credit cards and IDs, as well as hold up phones with their built-in stands.


No-Touch Tools

Today, many are considering tools that cut down on the spread of germs and bacteria. 



Whichever promotional products you choose, remember to mark July 28 on your calendar now. Interns assist around the office, go on coffee runs, soak up knowledge, and, at times, go on to become employees. That being said, show them you care with high-quality, custom-printed gifts.

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