10 Custom-Printed Tech Gadgets Everyone Needs Now

  • Oct 15, 2020

These imprinted tech gifts are sure to help brands advertise themselves!


In today’s tech-driven world, brands can turn to promotional gadgets as a way to…

  • Appeal to new fans and customers

  • Incentivize employees

  • Spread a new marketing message

  • Increase sales

  • Stand out against competitors 

  • And more


While any item that boasts a logo will get some recognition and gain some traction, it is best to opt for gifts that people will actually want and be able to use, such as technological devices.


Down below, there are 10 options that can be customized with a company’s or organization’s name, logo and color(s) and that everyone needs now!


Octave True Wireless Earbuds

These wireless earbuds come with a charging case and have a connection of up to 30 feet. 


Clip-IT Anywhere™ 

This phone mount universally fits all smartphones and goes anywhere, for safe and convenient viewing and access. 


Deluxe Cell Phone/Tablet Stand 

A device stand is handy for personal and professional utilization, and this one features a silver metal plate and leatherette material.


UVClean Wand 

This is a portable UV-C light that can be used to sterilize small devices, door handles and beyond.


Webcam Cover Razor 

Assist in protecting privacy with a cover that’s designed to fit monitors, computers and laptops.


Rally Pedometer Watch 

A fitness watch can count steps, keep track of calories, act as a stopwatch and more. 


High-Performance Drivers w/Unique Enhanced Bass 

This rechargeable speaker delivers unique enhanced bass and is perfect for taking calls or listening to music.


Regent 4000mAh Faux Leather Power Bank 

This elegant portable charger will keep devices juiced up and ready to go.


Ultimate Selfie Ring Light 

This is a lightweight and compact device that clips onto a phone, tablet or computer and brightens up photos.


Black Utopia Virtual Reality Headset 

Enter the world of virtual reality with the high-tech headset.

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