10 Products For Professional On The Go

  • Feb 1, 2019

These imprinted items from Geek Tech Branding can help you while traveling for work and can help more potential customers/clients/fans/followers know about your brand!


Professionals are always on the go! There are corporate retreats and conferences to attend, there are regular meetings and mixers, and there are moments when professionals are in front of their target customers - like at trade shows and community outreach events.


All of these instances are great times to market your brand, and a great way to do so is with promotional products. When items are imprinted with your company name and logo, you are getting your name out there and attracting more business. Plus, when you do this while on the road, you are letting your brand reach even further, which expands your overall audience.


Your employees can wear branded clothing items, your booth can hand out imprinted tools, your company can host a giveaway that gifts someone a gadget (that also has your name/logo)...That being said, browse through the following products, which can help you while traveling for work and which can help more potential customers/clients/fans/followers know about your brand!


Travelers should never leave home with a power bank, and these little guys are great for your company to hand out as gifts or give away through a promotion. They make sure phones, laptops and other gadgets are never out of juice.

A smart imprinted item is a key finder. You have a suitcase full of clothes, a briefcase to carry with you to a meeting or convention, and your pockets full of necessities. But sometimes, in the hustle and bustle, keys can get lost. Not anymore!

Whether you are handing out swag at a tradeshow or looking for a way to distract yourself on a plane, earbuds and headphones are another great option. We offer different price points, as well as those that cancel out noise, retract, are wireless, work with Bluetooth, fold and more.

Speaking of planes and auditoriums at conferences, it seems like places like these always get cold, so we also suggest purchasing jackets that boast your company name and logo. This is a great way to keep your team warm and looking cohesive.

It should go without saying that mugs, bottles and tumblers are always a fan favorite. They are used frequently internally, around the house office, and will be used tons by your fans and customers!

While on the go, use a fitness tracker or watch in order to know how much exercise you are getting while traveling! This high-value item is also a great one to use during a giveaway.

Padfolios and journals can be used to take notes while at meetings and other industry events, and we have numerous options from which to choose.

Put safety first - for you, your team and your clients - with a phone mount; this allows a phone to be stationary, instead of in a hand! And with your company name/logo, it is also serving as a billboard of sorts.

When it comes to phone accessories, phone wallets are also good for busy professionals, as identification cards, credit cards and other cards can be carried right on a smartphone.

Last but not least, make sure you and other professionals have a place to store all of this gear; we have a nice variety of messenger bags, backpacks and laptop cases.

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