10 Promotional Gift Ideas For Tech Brands...That Aren't Tech Products

  • Dec 9, 2019

There are a variety of ways in which a business can advertise, and one of the most effective options is promotional products. Those in the technology industry specifically can turn to fun and useful items that range from gadgets and devices to much, much more.


When it comes to marketing, promotional gifts are a must. 


  1. They can be much more affordable than other types of ads. 
  2. They can be much more memorable, too, as over 80% of people remember the entities that give them branded products.
  3. And they can be much more noticed, which is the point. While online ads can get lost in a sea of posts and printed materials can get thrown away, fans and potential customers will use items like the following over and over, causing a company’s name and logo to be seen over and over. 

The tech sector, in particular, has numerous options for customized gifts. Whether they are handed out at trade shows, raffled off online, utilized as incentives or added in as freebies, they can truly help in standing out from competitors. 


And while technology-related promo products are great, there are a number of non-technological items to consider, as well…


  1. A quality bag that has a custom logo on it will be carried to school, work, the gym, the grocery store, the beach and beyond. branded bag
  2. People love enhancing their phones with PopSockets, so be sure to stock up on a variety of these neat accessories. 
  3. Another smart choice is a tumbler, which can keep cold drinks cool and hot drinks warm. 
  4. Food gifts always go over well, and these branded bundles are especially nice to send to clients and employees during the holiday season. 
  5. Something that will get used a lot, no matter whom it is given to, would be a padfolio/journal. Keep these in mind when it comes to promotional products. 
  6. When a technology company sets up a booth at an industry event, they can give away toys, puzzles and games to customized cappeople, in order to spread awareness and spread some fun!
  7. There is no such thing as owning too many blankets, so consider getting some customized ones. 
  8. Everyone uses a pen now and then or every single day, meaning a logo pen will gain lots of attention that could lead to lots of business. 
  9. One of the most common promo items would be caps, which are a very smart way to advertise and appeal to people.
  10. For a more up-scale choice, there are gift sets that can come with spa products, office tools, kitchen items and more. See them all here!

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