10 Tips For A Successful Virtual Event

  • Mar 2, 2021

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a shift to virtual events. While many are missing out on face-to-face conferences and trade shows, there are many advantages to running these digitally.


For one, it can cut down on costs and time, as there is no need to rent out or travel to a convention center or hotel. Running a meeting virtually also allows professionals from all over to attend. And with technological advancements, logistics and processes are more streamlined, with digital registration, feedback and results.


A great amount of work still must go into pulling off a successful live event, and the following tips can help us all during this time and when moving forward. 


Before A Virtual Event

  1. Months before an event takes place, it must be branded and promoted. There needs to be a name, logo, hashtag and online page with all the details, and these must all have cohesion. Social media, word of mouth, e-blasts and public relations can be used to spread the news about the meeting. 

  2. On the event page, make sure the expectations are set out clearly. While simply opening up a laptop in order to attend a conference is nice, this comes with possible complications involving microphones and cameras. Let everyone know what is preferred.

  3. A wise way to draw interest is with sponsorships. These opportunities allow brands to show off their products and services, and when a sponsor co-hosts the event, it can help cut down on costs even further.

  4. One of the best parts of any trade show is getting all that free swag, and that doesn’t have to change during the day and age of the coronavirus! After people register, send them branded goodies, such as a high-quality speaker, a cozy sweatshirt or a pen and pad set. 


During A Virtual Event

  1. Just as in-person conferences feature at least one notable keynote speaker, a virtual one should, as well. In fact, a professional who would normally not be available may be perfect for speaking from home for a few minutes. 

  2. Additionally, there should be breakout sessions that give attendees the freedom to learn about different topics at different times. 

  3. Registrations may increase if people know they can receive training and certification credits during the event, so consider adding in continuing education during this time. 

  4. And, just like swag brings smiles to faces and boosts a brand’s exposure, prizes can do the same thing. Throughout the event, give everyone a chance to win some surprises, like snack kits or power banks, all with imprinted logos on them.  


After A Virtual Event

  1. At the end of the event, the work is not over; there are follow-up discussions to have, meetings with connections to set and thank yous to be said. Show appreciation via social media, a newsletter and/or emails, and keep in mind that this is another opportunity to show off your brand with a gift. Those who attended will love receiving a laptop bag or earbuds a couple of days or weeks later!

  2. To keep providing value and spreading awareness, there can also be an option for everyone to download content at the end of the meeting. For instance, speakers’ slides or shareable graphics will keep the conversations going.



While this past year has brought about its challenges, there are still ways for companies and organizations to connect with audiences, learn, form new relationships, grow and boost business … through virtual events and beyond.


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