3 Cybersecurity Tools Your Brand Needs

  • Mar 17, 2020

According to research, the average total cost of a data breach is $3.92 million, and the average size of one includes over 25,000 records.


Therefore, businesses of all styles and sizes must take the appropriate steps. There are tools and techniques that can help in protecting data, and these can be shared with employees, clients, followers and beyond.


In fact, the three items listed out here are some of the top cybersecurity products out there, and they can all be customized with your name/logo. Keep them in mind, as a way to fight against any future breaches.

RFID Credit Card Protector Sleeve: Protect your identity and credit with this aluminum mesh screen sleeve, which can block card readers from as far as 70 feet away.


Private Eyes™ Combo Item: Private Eyes™ is a privacy lens cover that will protect from potential on-lookers who want to invade your private space. It prominently displays your logo, it has a large adhesive area that ensures a firm hold, and it still allows devices to easily slide open, when you choose to use the camera function.


Cell Phone Data Blocker: This USB Data Blocker protects your phone from any unwanted data transfer. Simply plug it into any USB port, then plug your charging cable into the data blocker.


Learn more data security facts via this infographic from Varonis!

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