4 Gift Ideas For Administrative Professionals Day

  • Mar 24, 2020

Brands couldn’t run without these people, so consider gifting them with any or all of the promo products on this list!


branded portable chargerAdministrative Professionals Day will fall on April 22 this year, so mark your calendars; people in this field keep offices running smoothly, serve as the faces of brands and offer up their services to anyone and everyone, from interns and customers to executives and boards. 


That being said, we have put together a list of top gifts to consider giving admin professionals in 2020. These items are all things that they can put to use regularly and that they will find thoughtful, as a token of appreciation.corporate journal


First up are power banks, which keep devices charged up and ready to go. These can be kept at a person’s desk or carried with them throughout the day, as they head to meetings and industry events. 

executive pen set

Padfolios and journals are also important within this career field; even though it is a tech-driven world, notes and messages are always needing to be jotted down quickly and efficiently. 


Similarly, pen sets make a great gift for employees, and there are options ranging from those that double as a stylus to some that come with tech gadgets, too.


One other promotional product to consider during this time would be a tumbler. These keep cold drinks cool and hot drinks warm for promotional tumblerhours, meaning an administrative professional’s water, coffee or tea will always be perfect… which is what these people deserve!


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