4 Tips For Customer Service Week

  • Sep 23, 2019

 From the very first time someone interacts with a business to the moments after their purchase and beyond, customer service is key. 


There may be an amazing product or a one-of-kind service, but if the team behind it all is not friendly nor helpful, then that could speak even more loudly than the initial innovative idea. Customer service helps people feel supported and even special, which can lead to a business experiencing more success overall. 


With Customer Service Week coming up October 2-6, it is a good time to think about how YOUR company can put the customer first… and a good time to make sure the following four tactics/aspects are being used.

Customer Service Week


Communication with a customer can range from answering a general question through email, responding to a social media comment and chatting about support to taking an order over the phone or ringing up an in-store purchase. In each and every one of these instances, an employee needs to make sure that he/she is being positive, helpful, kind and informative. Answering questions and getting the job done is important, but it also needs to be done in a thoughtful and caring way. 

Pro Tip: Let your customers communicate in an even better way by giving away power banks, which keep phones and laptops charged, during Customer Service Week!



Part of customer service is being a good resource, as those associated with a certain business need to know the ins and outs of that business. Responding to queries, pointing people in the right direction, handing/sending out detailed information, giving a speech at an industry event or a trade show booth… All of these are more examples of a time when an employee needs to provide insight (in an effective and positive way) to customers. 

Pro Tip: Let your customers keep track of resources, education materials and informative notes by giving away padfolios/journals during Customer Service Week!



A company can go the extra mile for customers by providing incentives, as freebies, on top of everything else, are going to appeal to that target audience and then some. Parties, swag, discounts, benefits for members/subscribers, coupons and birthday surprises are all common perks that can be truly effective. 

Pro Tip: Let your customers get the chance to win a big cool prize, like a laptop bag, by having a raffle during Customer Service Week!



At all times, employees should be providing attentive and helpful customer service. At regular times, businesses should be providing additional incentives. And during this week, YOU can take it all even further by showing customer appreciation, as an event may be held to thank everyone, a discount code could be sent out, or a free gift may be included with every purchase. 


Pro Tip: Let your customers know how thankful you are by giving a free T-shirt to everyone who comes in during Customer Service Week!