4 Video Conference Tips

  • Apr 24, 2020

Working from home can come with its unique challenges, but you can maintain professionalism during digital calls and meetings with these tips!


From staff meetings on Zoom to family dinners on Skype, everyone is video chatting these days. Thankfully, even in the midst of a pandemic, there are advancements that allow people to stay in touch and communicate regularly.


It can feel a bit strange, though, and it may take some time to adjust…


At work, the dress code is professional, and at home, PJs are the norm. In offices, meetings are held in conference rooms. Now, people are attending them from their couches. Plus, when it comes to workplace discussions, there usually aren’t kids, pets and other distractions, which are currently part of many work-from-home lives.


In order to maintain efficiency and still come across polished, here are some video conference tips to keep in mind:



branded tech gadgets

Of course, having the right gadgets and setup is the first step, when it comes to joining a video call. The device you are on and the platform you are utilizing are quite important, but there are some other handy tools to have around during this time, as well.


Charging cables will keep your computer juiced up, since losing power in the middle of a meeting would not be good. And high-quality headphones/earbuds will block out any surrounding noises. 



branded polo shirts

Dress codes may have changed a bit in the past month, but you still want to look sophisticated instead of sloppy. A wise idea for online meetings would be a branded polo; everyone on the team can have one at home, which can be worn during calls for a cohesive look.



custom corporate backdrop

Another smart way to make your couch, kitchen table or home office look even more professional is to add a backdrop. While a blank wall or a sheet could do the trick, an official product with a brand’s name/logo is even better.  



It is a crazy time, so surely, coworkers and clients will be understanding if/when distractions come up during video calls. For instance, a child may need help opening something, a pet could need to go outside, and a worker may be mowing or emptying the garbage bins.


Still, think about your environment. Let everyone in the house know when a meeting will start. Find a quiet room with a door that shuts, if possible. It may not be perfect, but try to maintain as much normalcy as possible!



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