5 Promotional Products To Help Market Your Brand In A Technological World

  • Nov 27, 2018

With today’s connected environment, brands can turn to Geek Tech Branding for timely and tech-focused promo items!

For those who are not familiar, the Internet of Things is the interconnection that comes about via the Internet, enabling devices of all types to send and receive data, and in a world where this is happening constantly, brands are turning to promotional products that are timely and technological.

Promo items - in the form of gifts, giveaways, marketing materials and beyond - are a fun and easy way to spread awareness about businesses. Instead of handing out a simple card or flier, you can get more eyes on your product/service with tech gadgets like the following!

Nearly every person out there owns at least one device, so your business can hand out phone accessories as swag. Many vehicles and houses are equipped with items such as GPS trackers, smart TVs and cameras, so your company can raffle off a similar gadget. And offices keep safety, productivity and teamwork in mind, so you can provide your own team with products that can help with all of this and more.

The following five promotional items are perfect for keeping people connected and for marketing your brand. They can be used as employee gifts, incentives, holiday bonuses or swag, so keep reading to view them all!

Double Dip™ Bluetooth Speaker

A connection range of up to 25 feet and built-in dual woofers are just a couple of features within this speaker!

WalletTrack Two-Way Tracker & Cardholder

Using two-way technology, this device can help you track items from your phone or use the tracker to find your phone.

Wristband 3D Wireless Pedometer

This pedometer can track up to 99,999 steps, along with distance, calories burned, sleep quality and more!

Extendable Monopod Selfie Stick + Bluetooth Remote Shutter

People go crazy for selfie sticks, so entice then further with this remote; it simply synchronizes with a smartphone and can then take photos with the push of an easily-accessible button.

Tech Messenger Bag


And, of course, you need to make sure that those around you have a place to store all of their gadgets! This messenger bag was made for technology, with divided compartments that can hold a laptop, a cellphone, a camera, charging cables and more.

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