5 Reasons To Give Branded Gifts On Employee Appreciation Day (& Beyond!)

  • Feb 2, 2023

Recognizing employees with gifts can lead to a boost in morale, satisfaction, culture, retention, and more.


Employee Appreciation Day takes place on the first Friday in March each year, as a way to thank and recognize teams and workers. In 2023, the awareness date falls on March 3, giving you about a month to find the perfect employee appreciation gift!


Of course, thoughtful and useful items can be given out in the workplace at any time, and there are many benefits in doing so. Custom employee gifts can…


Boost Morale: A gift, no matter how big or small, makes a person feel valued and seen for their hard work and contributions. One that is branded with a name and logo is even better. 


Improve Employee Satisfaction: When employees do feel valued and seen in this way, it can then improve overall satisfaction, which enhances productivity and loyalty to the company. 


Increase Employee Retention: In turn, this loyalty also assists with retention, making people more likely to stay and reducing turnover – which is especially important right now, with an ongoing workforce shortage.


Promote a Positive Work Culture: Celebrating moments like Employee Appreciation Day fosters a positive work culture, all while promoting teamwork and collaboration. 


Show Gratitude: And giving gifts is a wise way to really show that gratitude and appreciation. No matter a brand’s industry, location, size, or goals, the team behind it is what keeps it going!


In today’s busy world, many can forget to slow down and express their thanks, so it’s important to observe the upcoming Employee Appreciation Day. Throughout the rest of the year, remember to also prioritize and celebrate those around you in the workplace, in order to help with morale, satisfaction, culture, retention, and more.



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