5 Tips to Choosing the Right Employee Recruitment Gifts

  • Aug 10, 2015

How Much Thought Are You Putting into Your Selection of Employee Recruitment Gifts?

Austin, Texas: We get dozens of calls each week asking about employee recruitment gifts so I thought it would be a good idea to offer 5 tips on choosing the right gifts for these recruitment campaigns or events.

1) Make it Functional

The best employee recruitment gifts are ones that will be used over and over again. We have seen tremendous usage in padfolio cases, headphones, selfie sticks (yes–these are still hugely popular for millennials) Bluetooth speakers, messenger bags and backpacks— all with the firm’s name emblazoned on them.

You want repetition of your company’s logo to sink in and increase usage of the employee recruitment gift will increase top of mind exposure to your company.

Simple as that.

2) Be Sure it is Branded

Some firms go all out to come up with employee recruitment gifts that are esoteric at best – or that will be used once and then forgotten.

Others give out non-branded (gasp!) gifts, such as iTunes or Starbucks or Amazon gift cards that have zero branding and will be forgotten once the tunes have been downloaded, gifts have been ordered or coffee has been consumed.

Instead, be sure your company logo and brand stays with these potential recruits at all times by branding all your employee recruitment gifts.

The logo can be subtle or large, depending on the type of gift you choose, but is should always be branded.

3) Quality over Quantity

If your employee recruitment gift ever comes down to quality vs. quantity–always choose quality.

A gift of poor quality negatively portrays your company to possible recruits. This is not the area for being tight-fisted.

Your employee recruitment gift should be used by this recruit for months or years, casting a positive light on your organization.

Poor quality can be a deal breaker. Avoid it by always choosing quality over quantity.

4) Choose a Gift That Is Visible

Branding takes time and visibility through multiple exposures.

Your logo should be on products that will be worn (hoodies, caps), used (backpacks, water bottles and headphones) and seen by others.

After all, these potential recruits can be promoting your company’s brand both to their peers while at the same time reinforcing your message to them on a daily basis.

5) Don’t Forget About Your Current Employees

Your goal in employee recruitment is to show your company in the best light and one of your greatest tools is your current employees.

Do not take them lightly.

Current employees should also be receiving your branded and logo merchandise as employee retention is at least as important, if not more important, than employee recruitment.

Plus your current employees can act as brand ambassadors for your company with visible logoed items that they wear and use with pride.

Following these five simple tips for employee recruitment gifts can help position your organization is a very favorable light and help you stay ahead of the recruiting battles.

Happy Recruiting!


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