5 Trade Show Mistakes To Avoid

  • May 17, 2022

By avoiding these common trade show mistakes, brands can make the most of time spent marketing at industry events.


By attending trade shows, companies and organizations can network with others in the industry and shine a light on products and services, which, in turn, increases brand awareness and overall business. The trade show industry is a booming one and its value is expected to pass $40 billion by 2023.


The majority of people who attend promotional events do so to learn about new brands, and the average attendee spends over eight hours looking at exhibits. With all the time, energy, money, and resources that go into these events, businesses and associations need to make sure they are making the most of their trips.


Here are five mistakes to avoid, when it comes to exhibiting, speaking, or presenting at a trade show:


DON’T forget to plan, plan, plan

Before any trip, there are packing lists and to-do lists, and this is only amplified within the world of business. Which employees will go, and who will help make up for these absences in the workplace? What specific topics will be presented at the event? When is everyone expected to leave and return? Where will the set-up process take place, once there? How can everyone get the most out of their time away? Organization is key, so start planning in advance, and make sure the team is on the same page. 


DON’T overcommit yourself

Industry events can be overwhelming, with all the panels, parties, and people. While team members need to soak it all in, they need to make sure they are not stretching themselves too thin. A good tip is to delegate and to have shifts. For instance, someone can man the booth in the morning then swap with someone who was listening in on relevant discussions. And at night, all can participate in the fun!


DON’T forget about your goals 

While networking and engaging in an exciting new place, though, remember what the point of the trip is. This may be launching a new product, increasing exposure, or giving a speech on a certain topic…Whatever it is, it is important, and all actions must build it up.


DON’T have a boring booth

One perk of a trade show is swag, and in today’s day and age, a stand-out booth with high-quality giveaway items is key. Keep fan favorites like branded apparel, logo phone chargers, imprinted drinkware, and custom snack packs in mind, which can ship in five days or less and bring about huge success with target audiences. Also consider amping up your trade show booth with logo table covers, customized displays, branded tents, and/or imprinted banners


DON’T forget to follow up

When the event has ended, there is still work to be done; an important part of attending is then following up with all the potential customers, employees, investors, reporters, fans, and clients!


Even in today’s digital world and even in a post-pandemic world, trade shows still remain one of the most effective marketing strategies out there. So take your moment to stand in the spotlight, follow these tips to avoid common mistakes, and turn to Geek Tech Branding for all your custom-printed promotional products!


Photos by Product School on Unsplash & from Pixabay


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