6 Products That Professional Associations Need

  • Aug 15, 2019

Organizations & Associations: Attract more members and help existing ones be even more successful, all by utilizing these imprinted items!


In the United States, there are over 80,000 professional associations, and these groups allow people to collaborate with others in their industry. Professional associations also provide many benefits, such as educational opportunities, networking events, job boards and promotional products.


Yes, it is quite common for organizations like this to offer up freebies to their members; from enticing people to join and equipping them with needed tools to engaging with them throughout their careers, there are several items that professional associations can and should hand out.  


Journals & Jotters

Whether professionals are taking notes during a meeting or jotting down some inspiration during a lunch break, notebooks like these will always come in handy.

organization swag

Hemingway Journal with matching elastic band and bookmark ribbon

association swag

Recycle Write Notebook with black ink ballpoint pen 


Power Banks

No matter someone’s field or title, phones, laptops and other devices need to be charged and ready to go, which is why portable chargers like these are recommended!

promo product for organizations

UL Listed Jolt Charger with digital power display 

promo product for associations

Breathing Power Bank with heartbeat 




Especially while attending an association’s event, members need totes to carry all of their belongings. 

professional association

Eco Carry Tote

logo tote

Meridian Convention Tote Bag


Speakers are also great for professional organizations to give away; tech gadgets like these can be used at home or in the office for conference calls!

branded speaker

Voyage Wireless Speaker with operating distance of up to 30 feet

promotional speaker

RoxBox™ Newport Bluetooth® Speaker with built-in equalizer settings


Stainless Steel Tumblers

Whether a group is welcoming people or thanking hard workers, tumblers like these are always appreciated.

logo tumbler

Olympus 20 Oz. Stainless Steel/PP Tumbler

imprinted items

18 Oz. Ello Magnet Vacuum Stainless Mug

Table Covers

And last but not least, associations should make sure they have high-quality, branded tablecloths. These will help increase awareness and traffic, making info tables and tradeshow booths stand out in the crowd!

corporate table cover

3-Sided Table Cover Throw 

trade show booth table cover

Table Runner


Professional associations allow those who work in large corporations to mingle with like-minded people at conferences and allow those who work remotely to casually meetup with locals who do the same thing. By utilizing promotional items like the ones on this list, these groups can attract more members and help existing members be as successful as possible.

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