7 Best Backpacks For Back-To-Work Promotions

  • Jun 1, 2020

Ease back into the workplace with these branded backpacks!


Promotional products are an amazing way to attract fans, appeal to customers, incentivize employees and thank clients. They are also a great way to welcome teams back to the workplace, as many brands are just now returning to work, after being affected by COVID-19.


A custom-printed backpack, in particular, can give people a place to store and a way to carry their belongings to, from and in the office. It can be utilized during off hours, as it is carried to concerts, on vacations or to the park. And it will be useful during any business travel, as well, making it an ideal back-to-work gift. 


Down below, there are seven suggestions of backpacks, which can all be customized with logos. This makes them even more special and will get your brand even more attention. Plus, any company or organization that goes the extra mile and gives back during this time will definitely be noticed and appreciated. 


Graphite Deluxe 15" Computer Backpack


Thule Achiever 15" Computer Backpack


Vault RFID Security 15" Computer Backpack


High Sierra Overtime Fly-By 17" Computer Backpack


Field & Co. Hudson 15" Computer Backpack


Vortex 15" Computer Sling Backpack


Zoom Power2Go TSA 15" Computer Backpack




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