7 Tips To Help You Get The Most Out Of Trade Shows

  • Jun 19, 2018

See More Benefits Before, During & After These Industry Events


Trade shows happen so that companies in certain industries can come together and show off their services and latest products. At these events, like-minded professionals can learn from each other and network with partners, customers, fans and competitors.


Whether you are attending a trade show in order to exhibit your newest products or just to mingle with others who work in your field, here are seven tips to help you get the most out of these business events.



Before the event even comes around, you need to do some prep work. If there are certain brands you want to see and talk to, map out where they will be. If there are any panels, networking hours or parties happening, pencil those into your calendar. Trade shows are always super busy and can get overwhelming, so make sure you know where to be and when beforehand.



Once you get to the venue, hand your business cards out to anyone and everyone. Events like trade shows take place so that you can meet other professionals, and you never know who could be your next partner, customer or investor; in fact, for every 2,000 business cards you hand out, you are helping increase your company’s sales by 2.5 percent. And, in return, you will gather up some great contacts for yourself!



If you are planning on having an exhibit or a booth at a trade show, make sure you stand out from the crowd. Invest in a branded tablecloth, a sturdy sign and/or marketing materials that you can hand out to interested visitors.



Another option to keep in mind at industry events - that could work to pass out at your booth or even instead of business cards - is swag. Promotional pens, tumblers with logos, branded shopping bags and imprinted journals are just a few ideas, since 85 percent of people remember the brands that give them promotional products.



You always want to get the most out of trade shows, but please remember to keep your health in mind, too! A recent survey found that 30 percent of entrepreneurs reported a lifetime history of depression and that 27 percent reported feelings of anxiety, so eat a good breakfast when you wake up, try to squeeze in sleep at night, wear comfortable shoes, and carry snacks with you, all in order to stay awake, sane and active.



Besides having in-person meetings and greetings, you should also utilize social media while at industry events. Follow people online after meeting them, and follow the event organizer(s), as well, in order to keep up with activities and in order to follow along with relevant discussions and hashtags. Plus, consumers will see your online activity, and over 70 percent of them could recommend you to others, based solely on the good social media service experience they have with you.



At the end of each trade show, assess what worked and what didn’t. See if you met goals or exceeded expectations. Follow up with people you met, in order to build and maintain professional relationships. Then get ready for the next business event!


Trade shows can require lots of time, money and effort, but in the end, they truly benefit businesses. We hope these seven tips help you out with your next one!

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