9 Proven Tips For A More Successful Customer Loyalty Reward Program

  • Jul 12, 2010

9 ways to get better results with a loyalty programMaking a practical as well as a clear reward program for consumers may prove to be a great advantage in increasing customer loyalty.

The most important thing to be successful is appropriate high value rewards along with personal commitment.

In other words it is essential for you to stay away from marketing stunts and group blasts. Time and again it has been seen that loyalty programs make the mistake of not presenting much extra value for a consumer and what’s worse is that the consumer is contacted too often with those low worth proposals.

So, what is it that consumers really want to see in a reward program? Going by a survey made by the Chief Marketing Officer Council (CMO Council):

Members would like to see improved rewards and more personalized communications:

  • 70% say that they would like to see more savings and discounts from loyalty programs.
  • 58% would like improved services and personal benefits.
  • 52% would like more convincing personal proposals as a return for routing their company to loyalty program services.

So, what can you offer in order to get to do for a flourishing reward program?

1. Identify your most profitable customers and direct your capital there.

2. Treat your best customers with preference in terms of more benefits and services.

3. Personalize rewards whenever you can.

4. Set your reward program as a strategy for an extended period – element of your association with your consumer.

5. Ensure that the rewards are attainable by a majority of your consumers.

6. Rewards or recognition must be offered often enough to make participators feel valued for the efforts they put in.

What are the mistakes that must be avoided by you?

1. Avoid the mistake of sending loads of messages-junk as well as spam emails.

2. Do not impose too many conditions and restrictions.

3. Avoid implementing rewards which do not having appropriate value.

If you have at the onset enjoyed a business but got turned off with time due to low worth and bad communication, then you must know that mistakes made in implementing reward programs in reality drive consumers away and so does more harm than benefit. But if you’re able to make a reward program that offers consumers true value at the appropriate time and goes with your trade name and tactics you will have a good foundation for a firm program which will help your business and your consumers. 

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