Are You Offering Customers Too Many New Choices They Do Not Want or Understand?

  • Jan 22, 2014

How Can Marketers Fill a Need When They Are Focusing on The Wrong Features?

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Austin, Texas: At the Consumer Electronics Show a few weeks back, we were all inundated with pitches for the latest – and greatest – in televisions.

105 inch 4K TVs.

3D TV.

Curved TV screens.

Bendable TV.

All these options are nice. But what are customers asking for?

After going to this show,, I went and bought a 70-inch LED television for my living room– just in time for Super Bowl.

I did not go for the other features — as they just did not make sense to me.

All the salespeople said were “It gives a better picture.”

Well, I looked at over 100 television screens at CES and the clarity on all the screens were all pretty crisp.

I did not understand the value that an additional $2500 difference in price for a curved screen would have given me.

Is your company making the same mistake?

Are you assuming that adding more bells and whistles will immediately add to sales — and that your customers are wanting and waiting those added features?

Are you making these benefits crystal clear to your clients?

Are you showing them a cost-benefit in making the upgrade?

Your customers are busy and bottom-line driven.

Do not assume that they will read you 8-page handout espousing how wonderful your product is.

Demonstrate the added value clearly– or they will wait. And wait. And wait.

Curved TV in my house? Maybe–in a few years when the prices drop substantially and more people are saying how wonderful it is.

The added value just was not made clear to me.

Don’t make that same mistake.

Be clear about the added benefits — and demonstrate them in a way that your clients can appreciate them. And understand them. And want them.

Happy Marketing!

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