Are You Using Story Telling to Convey Your Marketing Message?

  • Dec 14, 2012

Are you telling your company story?

What is Your Company Story – and How are You Telling It to Communicate Your Marketing Message?

Austin, Texas Have you ever gone to a networking function and met somebody that you thought you could partner up with on business opportunities, then totally forget the gist of the conversation later that evening.

Or have you met with several possible suppliers at a recent trade show and when staring at their business cards, could not remember a single thing about them, their products or their booth?

It seems to happen to me quite often – and not just because I’m about to turn 50.

It happens because they did not involve me with a story… and they just blended in with the dozens of other companies and people I spoke with at that particular event.

After going to the Holiday and Christmas parties over the next few weeks, try to remember the people that you had engaged with – and see which conversations you can recall the next day. It will inevitably be the ones that had a good story.

Stories help people to relate to you and your company in a way that can be remembered – and can be re-told.

The Bible and Aesop’s fables are remembered through the ages because they tell a story. If they were just a list of facts or morals, they’d have been quickly forgotten.

Most people remember the business tale of David Packard and William Hewlett starting their business in their garage–which later became HP – and the legend of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak starting Apple Computer in their homes.

Stories help to position your company as a problem-solver.

Stories can conjure up images of the struggles of the company founders in a way that people can relate to.

Stories can be about a colossal failure – and how you learned a valuable lesson from it.

Stories can be funny, tragic, straight forward — but they need to be interesting and memorable

Every company has a story to tell .. and conveying that message helps set your company apart from your competition.

People remember stories, long after they’ve forgotten you marketing message, pricing and other specific details.

What is your story?

Tell your story – and make it a part of your company’s fabric.

Tell your story in social media.

Tell your story at trade shows.

Tell your story in brochures, flyers and other print media.

Tell your story on sales calls.

Tell your story often.

You and your company will be remembered for it for a long time.

Happy Story Telling!